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How I overcame my battle to stop my eyes watering outdoors - Stephen's story

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My name is Stephen and I am a regular cyclist, jogger and fell walker. I have dry eye syndrome from MGD, meaning that my eyes water and get uncomfortable in any wind. It can be very windy here in North Yorkshire!

I needed something fully windproof for cycling

I used to walk and cycle wearing ordinary sunglasses. Then, as my dry eye syndrome worsened, I looked for something fully windproof for cycling and bought some Dragon DX3 ski goggles.

 Stephen cycling in ski goggles

They are very effective on the bike but when I took up jogging, I felt self conscious in the huge goggles and desperately wanted something less conspicuous though completely windproof for running and walking.

If I managed to find something, it would be a bonus if it would also work for cycling.

I searched cycling blogs and sportswear suppliers in vain

I searched cycling blogs and sportswear suppliers but all the sunglasses seemed to be based on looking “cool” rather than on the essential function of keeping the wind out.

I despaired of finding anything. Then I found Eyewear Accessories. They specialise in glasses that keep the wind out.

Actually, their windproof wonders are moisture chamber glasses. I had never heard of these but the concept looked very convincing.

I knew that John would understand the problem

It was very much a confidence booster to learn that John, Director of Eyewear Accessories, is also a dry eye sufferer and a cyclist and walker. He would understand the problem.

John wearing his Ventus glasses

I read all the massive amount of information on the Eyewear Accessories website, took some suitable measurements of my eyes and face and identified what I thought were the most suitable glasses. I felt that the 7eye Ventus would be the best fit for my outdoor sports.

I emailed John with my requirements and measurements and hoped for a reply in the not too distant future, given that this was immediately after the Christmas and New Year break. John replied on the same day.

We then had a flurry of emails and John recommended me to try the 7eye Cape as well as the Ventus so that I could compare the fit. I also wanted to compare the clear lens with the Eclypse photochromic lens. He assured me that I would be quickly refunded for any items I did not want to keep.

I tested the AirShield glasses in front of a powerful fan

In a couple of days, an exciting parcel arrived and I could try out the goodies. I quickly eliminated the Cape as it did not fit my face.

The Ventus was a perfect fit. I tried them out indoors in front of a very powerful fan and also standing outside in the wind.

I compared the clear lens with the Eclypse photochromic and found the Eclypse to work extremely well indoors as well as outdoors. I was sufficiently convinced to commit to buying the Ventus with Eclypse lens without needing a bike test. I returned the other items and received an immediate refund.

My eyes stayed comfortable despite temperatures close to zero

I then wore the Ventus on a few bike rides and a couple of 5k jogs. I was very impressed with the quality of its wind seal.

Stephen wearing his 7eye AirShield glasses for cycling

Nothing seemed to get through and my eyes stayed completely comfortable despite temperatures close to zero. And I loved the Eclypse photochromic with its beautifully neutral colour. As a photographer, I cannot tolerate anything with a colour tint.

Perfect for running and cycling 

Although my main reason for buying the Ventus was for running, it is so perfect for cycling that I am delighted to use it for all my outdoor activity.

As well as offering total wind block and total UV block, it has advantages over the Dragon goggles.

In particular, it gives much better peripheral vision. I am now able to look down and see all the array of zips and toggles in my layering system, which was impossible in the Dragon goggles.

I can also operate my camera without taking the Ventus off, meaning that I can maintain the moist atmosphere around my eyes. Moreover, the photochromic lens means that I can use a single item outdoors as it adapts perfectly to the light level. With the ski goggles, I had to carry a clear and a dark pair for different conditions.

I can now be windproof without looking ridiculous in ski goggles

With the Ventus I can now be windproof without looking ridiculous in ski goggles! I am grateful to Eyewear Accessories for providing such a superb product and service.

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