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We are now using 100% recyclable mailing bags to send our products

our recycling policy our use of recylable packing materials reduction in our use of single-use plastics

Eyewear Accessories are pleased to introduce our new range of recycled and fully recyclable mailing bags which we will be using for many of our order deliveries.

The bags are made from 30% recycled content and are themselves 100% recyclable after use which will help us to reduce further our use of single use plastics. 

100% recyclable mailing bags

Another advantage of the new mailing bags is that they are slim and lightweight which reduces the space required to transport our orders and also cuts down on weight, both factors contributing to a reduction in carbon footprint.

The reduced weight will mitigate against the current escalation in international shipping charges that all businesess are facing at present. We will as far as possible try to keep shipping charges that we pass onto our customers as low as we can in these challenging times.

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