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Moisture chamber glasses provide relief for dry eyes associated with Sjögren's syndrome

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An increasing number of people who are suffering from severe dry eye symptoms associated with Sjögren's syndrome have found that wearing moisture chamber glasses can give them welcome relief.

Eyewear Accessories Ltd would like to share with you some feedback on the benefits of these glasses that we received recently from a customer in the UK who has Sjögren's syndrome. She has requested that these comments are published in order to help other Sjögren's sufferers become aware of the special glasses.

"I would like to recommend your moisture chamber glasses to anyone with Sjogren’s syndrome."

"They are not a cure, but are a significant help in many ways and a very effective adjunct to medical treatments … which in my case has included puntal plugs, treatment for a corneal ulcer, a course of corticosteroids, ciclosporin eye drops, artificial tears during the day and a preservative free liquid gel at night.

Before using the moisture chamber glasses I had become very restricted in what I could do, but since using them my eyes are less painful and my quality of life has improved significantly.     

Firstly and most importantly, I am no longer nocturnal!  This summer I missed most of the beautiful weather because I was housebound, but now I can go out on bright breezy days.  Being able to spend time in the garden or walk along the seafront has done much to improve my mood.

The fit of the Cape glasses is good and I can now cope with walking into the wind.  So now, after months of walking with my head down and shielding my eyes, I need to re-learn walking with my head up facing the wind!   

Because I need to use moisture chamber glasses all the time I have tested 3 different styles and each has its own merits, but have invested in 2 styles which fit the shape of my face more closely.  

The Ziena glasses are relatively discreet and effective for indoor use and for social occasions, and can be fitted with my bifocal lenses. 

The Cape sunglasses look good and the adjustable arms ensures a closer fit and makes them an excellent choice for outdoor use during the day.      

Without your help and advice I would have remained housebound much of the time and we would have faced winter without being able to shut the windows or turn the heating on ... and that scenario doesn't bear thinking about!   

Many thanks from a very grateful customer."


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