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A call to action for healthcare professionals to raise awareness of the benefits of 7eye AirShield glasses

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This email was sent to us today from a customer who has found such benefit in wearing 7eye AirShield glasses that he wishes us to publish his comments to help inform other people who could equally benefit. It has been reproduced in full with his permission.
"Last year half of my face became paralysed due to a head and neck cancer and no longer moves, including my left eyelid. I bought a pair of your Airshield glasses last year as the slightest draft or breeze caused great discomfort in that eye. I had prescription lenses fitted to the glasses by Ciliary Blue."
AirShield glasses
"I couldn’t be more happy with them! In fact, my life would have been much more restricted without them. I wear them almost all the time when I am outside, and I also find them very helpful indoors where there are drafts from air conditioning."

"What has surprised me is that none of the healthcare professionals supporting me were aware of AirShield glasses"

"What has surprised me is that none of the healthcare professionals supporting me at some of the top London teaching hospitals (clinical specialist nurses, specialist facial oncologists, surgeons, ophthalmologists, neurologists) has ever come across Airshield glasses.
Several of them have gratefully received details of 7eye Vision which I have printed out from your website for them. These include a senior consultant ophthalmologist at the Royal Free Hospital and the President of the World Society of Skull Based Surgeons.
I wonder whether you knew of this lack of awareness? I’d be pleased to talk to you further about this, as I think your glasses could help even more people if there was wider awareness of their existence!"

Comment from John at Eyewear Accessories

"We are grateful to this customer for raising this issue. Many of our other customers have expressed similar frustration that healthcare professionals are not actively recommending these glasses.
We are keen to raise awareness of the benefits of AirShield glasses - both among healthcare professionals and support groups relating to particular health issues.
However, we recognise that the best endorsement comes from people who have bought 7eye AirShield and Ziena glasses! We would therefore encourage all our customers to tell their healthcare consultants about how they have benefited from wearing their AirShield and Ziena glasses and to help us spread awareness on social media by posting their independent comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
We know that the message is starting to spread! For example, as a result of an endorsement by a patient, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust and Manchester Royal Infirmary are now making other patients aware of the benefits of the glasses and we hope that this impetus will continue to spread."

Update to this article on 5 April 2019

Since writing this article, we are pleased to report that an increasing number of NHS hospitals are now recommending our glasses. We are now on an approved supplier to the NHS and have been supplying our glasses for specific patients' needs. However, awareness among high street opticians of the benefits of moisture chamber glasses is lagging woefully behind.

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