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How to prolong the life of your 7eye AirShield and Ziena glasses

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Here is the latest advice from 7eye / Ziena on how to prolong the life of your glasses by following a regular cleaning routine and ensuring that you store them in the optimum way when not in use.

By keeping your lenses clean and free from dust and smears, they are less likely to fog up.

1. Detach the eye cup before cleaning

Unclip it from the frame before cleaning the lenses.

Detach the eye cup


  • The exception is the 7eye Chubasco, which has a non-removable eye cup. For this model, you will need to clean the lenses with the eye cup attached.
  • On Ziena glasses, the eye cup is attached to the rims by micro magnets. Simply peel off the eye cup.

Unpeeling the Ziena eye cup from the frame

2. Clean the lenses

For daily cleaning, use a clean, dust free microfibre cloth/bag to dry and gently buff up the lenses so that there is no dust or smears on the lens surface. You may prefer to use an optical lens blower to remove dust from the lenses.

Cleaning the lenses
Once a week, or if the lenses have got particularly dirty, rinse them gently under a warm tap and then pat the lenses and the rims carefully with kitchen paper before gently buffing the lenses with wipe them gently with a clean, dust free microfibre cloth.

Ensure that all parts of the glasses are fully dry before storage.

Do not use lens cleaners / cleaning chemicals as they damage the anti-fog coating on lenses and have a corrosive effect on metal parts such as hinges and magnets.

3. Clean the eye cup

Unclip the eye cup from the glasses and wipe it gently with a clean, damp sponge or cloth and then pat it until dry with a clean tissue or kitchen paper. 

Cleaning the eye cup with a baby wipe

Do not immerse the eye cup in water as this will cause it to deteriorate.

    4. Ensure that your glasses are fully dry

    Do not put your eye cup away in the case until it is fully dry.

    Leaving the glasses to dry

    Leave the glasses to dry in the air, but do not leave it near a radiator or in full sunlight as this can cause it to deteriorate.

    Make sure that all parts including the eye cup are dry before storing the glasses.

        5. General advice on product care and storage

        • If any fluids such as eye drops or lens cleaning chemicals drip onto the frame or the Ziena silicone eye cup, wipe them off to avoid possible corrosive damage to metal parts such as hinges or magnets.
        • Do not put on sun cream immediately around your eyes where the eye cup would touch.
        • Always store the glasses in the case when not in use, away from direct heat sources.
        • Do not leave your glasses in a hot car or in direct sunlight in a sunny place as this damages them (especially glasses with photochromic lenses) and could void the warranty.
        • If you use your glasses on a rainy day, dry them carefully before putting them back in the case. We recommend that you detach the eye cup and leave it exposed to the air to dry. This should be indoors in a warm environment, but do not place the eye cup or frame on or near a radiator.

        6. Advice on use of eye drops

        • Avoid applying eye drops just before wearing the glasses as this will cause a sudden surge in eye moisture and may result in excessive lens misting.
        • Also, when your eyes are full of artificial tears, this tends to spatter the inside of the lenses when you blink and may also get onto metal parts of the frame such as hinges and magnets, causing possible corrosive damage that would not be covered by the product warranty.
        • Wearing moisture chamber glasses should reduce your reliance on eye drops so normally this is not a problem, but if application of eye drops is required, we recommend you wait half an hour if possible before wearing your glasses.

            Product warranty

            You can find out about the product warranty here.

            If a fault of any kind develops with the eyewear or lenses within this time, DO NOT attempt to repair it yourself. For safety reasons, do not use the eyewear again and inform us without delay so that a replacement part or product can be provided. Any attempt to repair eyewear yourself will nullify the warranty.

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