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Wearing my Ziena Kai kept out the wind and rain during storm Ciara

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I like getting out for a walk, whatever the weather. But on the weekend of 8-9 February, my resolve to take the dog out for a good country hike was severely tested by the presence of Storm Ciara. Here in Devon the winter winds were strong and gusty and the rain was heavy and persistent.

I togged up in my kagoul, waterproof trousers, scarf and waterproof gloves so as to brave the elements.

Wearing the Ziena Kai in the rain and wind

And, most importantly I put on my Ziena Kai glasses. This was the first time that I had worn them with winds this strong and during heavy rain, so I was interested to see how well protected my eyes and face would feel.

Ziena Kai glasses

Ziena glasses can provide as good wind protection as 7eye AirShield

I was really delighted with the way the Ziena glasses not only kept out the wind but also insulated the sensitive skin around my eyes from being battered by the rain and sleet.

So much so that I now regard Ziena glasses not only as being ideal for dry eye relief indoors, but also as a useful and effective pair of windproof eyewear.

My key message to our customers is that when buying 7eye AirShield or Ziena glasses, you must try them on and test them in the environment in which you need protection.

You need to settle on a pair of glasses that provides a total orbital seal around your eyes.

Eye cup provides a good orbital seal that keeps out wind and rain

Make sure you have the least amount of gap around your brow bone and cheekbone. This will ensure that the eye cup will protect you from the elements as well as keeping your eyes moist, safe, and comfortable.

A final note...

It's fine to wear your Ziena Kai glasses on a rainy day, but always ensure that the frame and lenses are completely dry before putting them away in the case.

I find that the best way to do this is to detach the eye cup and then pat the lenses and eye cup with a piece of clean kitchen paper until the lenses are dry. Also ensure that the micro magnets on the eye cup and the frame are dry to avoid the risk of corrosion.

Then rest the glasses on top of the case to dry in the air (not near a radiator or on a sunny window sill as this will make the eye cup dry out).

Keeping the glasses out to dry

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