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Stuck in front of a computer all day? Make it a more comfortable experience

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Here in Devon this week, as in swathes of the UK, it's cold with persistent rain or heavy showers.

In such conditions, many of us spend much more time than usual sitting in front of a PC, tablet, mobile or TV, normally a combination of these over the course of the day. And because it's cold and we are spending more time sitting still, we are likely to turn up the thermostat on the heating system.

central heating makes dry eye worse

The trouble is that our eyes are not designed for spending hours on end looking intently at a video screen in a dry atmosphere.

Infrequent blinking and exposure to harmful blue light

Not only are we subjected to an unhealthy amount of harmful blue light from the screen, but we also blink much less frequently when we are staring intently at a screen, leading to uncomfortably dry eyes. With the heating on, the air in our homes and offices gets less and less humid and this aggravates the dry eye problem.

Dry eyes are a very common eye condition which may be experienced by people of all ages but which is very prevalent in the over 50s, particularly among women.

dry eye common in women

Many people experience it all the time due to an underlying eye condition such as MGD, but most people suffer to some extent from environmental dry eye syndrome.

Helping your eyes to cope with increased screen viewing

One of the most effective ways of helping your eyes to cope with increased screen viewing is to wear Ziena moisture chamber glasses. These are like normal spectacles with the addition of a soft, flexible gasket (called an eye cup) that creates a seal around your eye sockets.

wearing ziena glasses for computer use

The effect is to reduce tear evaporation and create a more comfortably humid atmosphere within each moisture chamber.

Wearing moisture chamber glasses is one tool in relieving computer related dry eye. It should be used in conjunction with taking frequent screen breaks, ideally every 20 minutes.

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