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Why does using a computer or mobile phone give us dry eyes?

When we look at a computer screen, a tablet or a mobile phone, our eyes get fixated by it and we blink far less often. This makes the natural mechanism of lubricating the eyes through regular tear distribution far less effective.

Couple this with the dry air in air conditioned offices and it's a recipe for sore, uncomfortable eyes.

John suffering from computer-related dry eyes

Need advice to help you choose?

Wearing moisture chamber glasses can help reduce the symptoms of dry eyes associated with computer use. The comfortable eye cup creates separate moisture chambers around your eyes that reduce the evaporation of tear moisture, leaving your eyes hydrated for a longer period. Find out more about computer dry eye glasses.

The most popular range for computer use is Ziena Eyewear. The glasses in this range are available with clear, light-reactive, or blue light blocking lenses.