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Research studies proving the effectiveness of moisture chamber glasses to relieve dry eye

Here we summarise the results of two recent studies into the effectivenes of the latest generation of moisture retention eyewear designed by 7eye.

First research study

For this study, research subjects were all prescribed 7eye moisture-retention eyewear and were able to select from a variety of sizes, styles and tints to allow for an optimal fit while maximising both appearance and function.

Subjects were instructed to use the eyewear for 3 months in addition to their usual treatment. Their dry eye symptoms were evaluated before and after the three months using the Symptom Assessment in Dry Eye (SANDE) index and corneal fluorescein staining.

Results after wearing moisture chamber glasses

At the conclusion of the study, the average SANDE score diminished by an impressive 55% and both a clinically and statistically significant reduction in mean corneal staining was seen in all corneal quadrants.

Frequency of artificial tear instillation also decreased from a mean of eight times per day to just four and a half times per day, or 44%. Tear break-up time was the only factor not impacted. 

The authors concluded that moisture-retention eyewear might be a valuable adjunct in the management of evaporative dry eye and that the low profile design of the 7eye product line provided better cosmesis, increasing compliance. 

Second study

The first study echoes an earlier, unpublished multi-centre study that followed 110 patients suffering from transient or chronic dry eye symptoms for a month.

Surveys conducted before and after this trial show a distinct improvement after wearing moisture-retaining eyewear in nine specific complaints including burning, redness, itching, diminished vision, light sensitivity, discomfort in air conditioning, grittiness, dryness and excessive tearing, with a mean overall reduction of 57%.

Initially, half of the subjects ranked their symptoms as severe, but at the one-month visit only 3% did so. 

Thirty percent of subjects reported their overall symptoms were eliminated when wearing the moisture-retaining eyewear.


The researchers concluded that moisture chamber glasses were an effective tool for the management of ongoing dry eye symptoms.


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Second study: Research Digest: Panoptx Eye Wear Shown to Relieve Dry-Eye Symptoms. Ophthalmology Management, May 1, 2004.