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7eye wraparound glasses may help protect RP sufferers from glare

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Eyewear Accessories recently supplied 7eye polarized grey sunglasses to a sufferer of Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) to help her protect her eyes from glare.

Woman wearing 7eye Briza

She was looking for a more stylish alternative to standard medical issue dark sunglasses that would provide a high level of wraparound protection from the sun's glare.

"The pads stop completely all light ingress from around the rear of the frame"

The customer reported that the "glasses are absolutely fantastic" and that they gave her "better, sharp and lighter vision".

Particularly beneficial was the close fitting AirShield gasket, about which the customer said "the pads stop completely all light ingress from around the rear of the frame".

Eyewear Accessories have a range of close fitting 7eye wraparound protective glasses with styles suitable for men and women. Dark polarized lenses are available on all frames.

The lenses can be made with prescription dark polarized lenses, if required.

Our website is primarily aimed at people looking for protective glasses to help with dry eye conditions, but the 7eye Airshield range is also suitable for other conditions requiring protection from wind and glare.

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