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Ziena SeaCrest Gloss Black (wider fit)

Ziena SeaCrest Gloss Black (wider fit)


  • Wider fitting version of the Ziena Nereus designed to accommodate wider foreheads (including Asian facial structure)
  • Designed for daily wear for relief of symptoms of dry eyes, hay fever, Bell’s Palsy
  • Ideal for use as computer glasses if you are suffering from dry eyes in an air-conditioned office
  • Also provides protection from wind, dust, and airborne allergens such as pollen
  • Eye cup is made from soft silicone material that is easy to keep clean
  • The purchase price includes your first silicone eye cup, which will need to be replaced periodically (replacements are available from us)
  • Unisex-styled hand polished frames with spring hinges for a more comfortable fit
  • Supplied with lined leather case and microfibre bag (which also acts as a lens cloth)
  • Designed to be suitable for fitting with prescription lenses (see limits stated below)

Be aware that when wearing Ziena glasses, your field of peripheral vision is slightly less wide. To accommodate this you need to turn your head a little further to check that all is clear when manoeuvring on a bike, for example.


Recommended limits if fitting prescription lenses

If your prescription is higher than the advised limits

If your prescription is higher than the advised limits quoted above for this frame, it may be possible to fit your lenses into this frame if you use Ciliary Blue rather than a high street optician to fit them.

This is because Ciliary Blue have specialist lens finishing equipment that is not available to most opticians. If you have a higher prescription than the limits advised above, we recommend that you call Ciliary Blue on 01455 293417 to check the feasibility before you order the frames from us.

        Frame size

        • Lens dimensions: 52 mm wide x 33 mm deep
        • Frame width: 138 mm
        • DBL (distance between lenses): 14 mm

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