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What causes watery eyes?

It is a common experience for eyes to start watering excessively in cold winds. The eyes tend to dry out in these conditions and this can cause excessive tear production.

Watery eyes occur if too many tears are produced or if they cannot drain away properly. The most common medical reasons that can underly the problem are Meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis and conjunctivitis.

If your tear ducts are blocked, your eyes may stream because the tears are not draining away properly. If you suffer from watery eyes constantly even indoors, you should refer to your GP for advice.

Watery eyes is a frustrating problem for anyone who needs to be outside in wintry conditions for any period of time. For cyclists it can present a safety hazard because streaming eyes can obscure their vision of the road.

Golfers also find it frustrating if their eyes water excessively when they are looking down at the ball, making it very difficult to place an accurate shot.

7eye AirShield glasses have a soft, compressible eye cup that protects your eyes from the wind and can help reduce excessive tearing.

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