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Polarised clip on sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories Ltd of Exeter in the UK is a well established and trusted supplier of optical quality polarised clip on sunglasses, including Visionaries, Solarclips, and Shade Control brands.

Note: We sell our clip on sunglasses range from our other online store at This page simply gives an overview of our range with links to our other store.

Spring-fit clip on sunglasses

Visionaries premium brand of spring-fit clip on sunglasses with optical quality polarised lenses and slim stainless steel rims.

spring-fit clip on sunglasses

Rimless clip on sunglasses

Visionaries premium brand rimless spring-fit clip on sunglasses with optical quality polarised grey lenses.

rimless clip on sunglasses

Polarised flip up sunglasses

Polarised flip up sunglasses with optical quality lenses and a compact flip-up mechanism for added versatility.

polarised flip up sunglasses

Non-polarised flip up sunglasses

Flip up sunglasses with non-polarised grey or brown lenses including models with mirrored lenses. Popular with aviators.

non polarised clip on sunglasses

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