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Optical quality clip on sunglasses

Our polarised clip on sunglasses filter 100% of ultraviolet light up to 400nm, and meet or exceed all local and international standards pertaining to optical clarity, durability, and safety, including but not limited to ANSI Z80.3:2008, EN1836:2005, and AS/NZS 1067:2003.

These standards apply to both the spring-loaded and flip-up clip-ons that we sell, irrespective of which lens colour you choose.

How our quality lenses compare with cheaper polarised sunglasses

Most inexpensive polarised clip on sunglasses have a thin polarising film applied to one side of the lens, which is liable to be scratched or rubbed off through everyday wear and tear.

In contrast, our optical quality polarised lenses have an effective polarising film laminated between two layers of lens material, making them far more durable. Our lenses are designed to ensure that the polarised horizontal axis is never compromised for maximum visual comfort.

Optical quality also means that the lenses are optically correct, with no distortion across the whole of the lens. This gives you a crisp and undistorted view through the clip ons.