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NuLids precautions

Are there certain medical conditions that you should not use NuLids with?

Use common sense when using your NuLids. NuLids should not be used in the presence of ocular herpes, open wounds, skin disorders such as seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, raised moles, warts or infection of the eyelids or the eye. If you are unsure about your skin condition, we recommend speaking with your doctor before using the NuLids.

Can I use NuLids after eye surgery?

Yes, but allow adequate healing after surgery as determined by your surgeon.

Can I use NuLids after laser eye surgery?

Consult your LASIK provider / doctor as to how long you should wait after LASIK surgery to resume using the NuLids System.

Can I use NuLids with my current glaucoma medication?

Yes, NuLids can be safely used with all eye drops and medications that your eye doctor has prescribed.

Can I use NuLids after eyelid tattooing?

Do not use NuLids within three days of any professional treatment such as lid tattooing. NuLids is safe to use on previously tattooed eyelids.

Can I use NuLids if I am pregnant or nursing?

While there is no evidence to suggest that this treatment is harmful to pregnant or nursing women, we always recommend that you consult with your doctor before using any products when you are pregnant or nursing.