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NuLids FAQs

Here we help to answer common queries that you may have. We will keep adding to this page over time as customers put questions to us.

How long does the NuLids device take to charge?

Allow 2 hours or until the green light on the NuLids device stops flashing and becomes a solid colour.

How many uses do you get out of each charge?

Between 6 and 8 on average.

How many times per day should I use Nulids?

The manufacturers advise that you should only use NuLids once a day for 30 seconds per eye.

How may drops of gel should I put on the Soft Tip?

2 drops is normally sufficient.

Is NuLids Revitalize Gell preservative-free

Yes, NuLids has absolutely no preservatives. Click here for ingredients.

How do I start a session with the NuLids device?

See How to use NuLids

Should I use NuLids every day?

Certainly when you start the treatment, it is best to use NuLids once a day for 8 - 10 days.

After that, you may find that you can continue with the treatment every other day.

However, to maintain the most effective results such as increased stability of your tear film, daily treatment is most effective.

Does it matter what time of day I use NuLids?

No, you can use it once a day at any time during the day.

However, it is probably best to stick to a consistent time so that you can remember to do the treatment. You may find that it fits in best with your morning bathroom routine.

How long do renewables last?

Normally 2 months for Revitalize Gel and 4 to 6 weeks for the Soft Tips. The actual time for you depends on whether you use NuLids every day or every other day.

Is it safe to re-use Soft Tips?

The NuLids team advise you to dispose of your used Soft Tip after every treatment for reasons of hygiene.

Do I have to use Revitalize Gel?

Revitalize Gel has been designed to be the perfect consistency for use with NuLids. It has been formulated with natural ingredients to promote good eye health.

However, if you prefer to your existing eye gel/cleanser with NuLids, that is perfectly OK.

What are the ingredients of Revitalize Gel?

See our page on Revitalize Gel