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My personal experience of using NuLids

As someone who suffers from MGD and a moderate and variable dry eye condition, I was keen to try NuLids treatment after seeing so many positive reviews. As recommended by the manufacturer, I tried it once every day for 10 days. Here are my findings.

When reading this review, please remember that it's my own experience that I have documented and not an independent view.


John Waddington (Co-director at Eyewear Accessories Ltd)

First impressions

When first opening the NuLids starter kit I was immediately impressed by the quality of packaging, the neat, compact design of the device itself and the clarity of the Quick Start guide.

NuLids starter kit

Before using NuLids for the first time, I connected it as instructed to the mains via the USB cable supplied and left it on charge for about 2 hours. During charging the green light on the NuLids device flashes slowly. This changes to a solid green light when the device is fully charged and ready to go.

I found that I got about 8 days of use from the NuLids device until it needed charging again.

So far so good...a clearly described and easy to understand charging system which gives you a reasonable number of treatments, accommodating a week's holiday or a business trip without difficulty.

Using NuLids for the first time

I felt a bit anxious the first time I used NuLids because my eyelids are sensitive and I wasn't sure whether applying a rotating brush to them would be uncomfortable or even painful.

Massaging your eyelids with NuLids device

By following the steps in the Quick Start guide, I found that these concerns soon went away.

As instructed, before using NuLids, I applied a couple of drops of the special lubricant gel provided in the kit to the soft tip before using NuLids.

I followed what the Guide calls the Indirect Method which involves closing one eye at a time and with soft, even pressure, running the NuLid soft tip along the intersection of your upper and lower lids at the eyelash line and margin.

The Nulids device gives you 30 seconds of eyelid massage per eye.

The rotating soft tip takes a few days of getting used to as it feels quite ticklish initially but soon you will find that the treatment is comfortable. The lubricant gel makes the treatment pleasant.

How my eyes felt immediately after use

Directly after each NuLids treatment, my eyes felt great - moist and refreshed. This was encouraging but I was keen to find out how long my eyes felt that way and whether I could notice any improvement to my dry eye symptoms after a few hours.

How my dry eye symptoms were after 10 days

I was amazed at the improvement in my dry eye symptoms after 10 days of use. Even after the first few days of the treatment I started to notice a lessening in the severity of my dry eye symptoms and soon I was experiencing fresh eyes for most of the day, say about 5 hours afterwards.

I found that if I supplemented a daily NuLids treatment by wearing my Ziena Kai moisture chamber glasses whenever I needed to have a session of using my mobile or PC, I was able to remain comfortable for much of the day. 

By this stage I was realising that we had stumbled on an excellent device that could be of significant benefit to many of our dry eye customers. After just 12 days I had decided to take the plunge and order a batch of NuLids devices so they could be available to our customers in the UK as soon as possible.

Two months on...

After two months of using NuLids regularly, my eyes do feel healthier. I can now cope better in situations that would previously have triggered dry eye symptoms.

Over the last two weeks I have discovered that using NuLids every other day is sufficient to keep my Meibomian glands performing optimally. What works for me is to use a tea tree oil wipe to clean the accumulated waxy debris from my eyelids just before using the NuLids treatment and that way I get the best results.

Everyone's dry eye condition is unique to them so you are encouraged to find out what routine works best for you.

Why not trial NuLids for yourself!

We give you up to 14 days of receiving your starter kit in which you can test out NuLids for 10 days and still return the kit if you are unsatisfied. See the Returns and Refunds sections of our NuLid product page.

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