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Latest stock updates

This page gives the latest information on when newly launched products will be in stock as well as products that have temporarily sold out.

Important note

If you have not yet reserved the product you are waiting for, we strongly advise you do so as soon as possible as incoming quantities of each product are limited.

By reserving yours, it means that you get the glasses you need and your order is dispatched as a priority.

Latest stock update: 30 January 2020

7eye and Ziena products

  • Our new stock of 7eye and Ziena glasses has now been delivered and our store has been updated.
  • All items are now in stock and ready to order.

New Ziena glasses with blue light blocking lenses

  • New Ziena glasses with BlueByrd blue light blocking lenses are now in stock.
  • The new lenses block blue light in the harmful range from 380nm to 450nm and are ideal if you use a computer regularly.
  • Find out more about blue light blocking lenses.

Clip on sunglasses

  • We don't have a firm date when our next delivery of clip on sunglasses is arriving.
  • If a product is showing as "out of stock", please email us for further information.