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Is NuLids suitable for me?

I found as a moderate dry eye sufferer that NuLids made a considerable improvement in my symptoms.

Before using NuLids, I was suffering from dry eyes for most of the day due to MGD and my symptoms were very much affected by environmental consideations, particularly:

  • by using my computer or mobile
  • when watching the TV
  • when the central heating was on and the room atmosphere has low humidity
  • when the winds were strong outside
  • when there was warm sunshine outdoors

However, I was not experiencing Blepharitis which I put down to the way I had been managing my dry eye condition by wearing moisture chamber glasses.

Should I use NuLids if I am already suffering severe dry eye symptoms?

I am not a trained ophthalmologist so you may need to get advice before using NuLids. I would say that if you are suffering from Blepharitis or crusty, painful eyelids, it might be advisable to use a warm compress to soften the build up of MGD related deposits on your eyelids before NuLids treatment.

However, if you only apply soft pressure to your eyelids during treatment and you apply the NuLid gel to the tips, it would be safe to use the device and your MGD condition should quickly improve.

If you prefer a more passive method of dry eye/blepharitis/MGD treatment that does not involve any direct pressure, you may feel happier using Blephasteam instead or in combination with NuLids.

If you used Blephasteam before each NuLids session you would see the most rapid improvements in your dry eye condition.