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How to use NuLids

Here's our guide on how to use NuLids to get the best from the treatment.

You should read it in conjunction with the Quick Start guide that you receive with your new device.

Charge the NuLids device

> Plug the USB lead into the slot at the bottom end of the NuLids device.

> Plug the Nulids device into a UK 3-pin mains socket.

> Charge for about 2 hours until the green light stops flashing and becomes solid.

You should get up to 8 treatments before you need to charge the device again.

    Attach and lubricate a new Soft Tip

    > Wash your hands and then attach a clean Soft Tip onto the NuLids device.

    Attaching a soft tip to your NuLids

    > Lubricate the Soft Tip with 2 small blobs of NuLids Revitalize eye gel.

    Start the NuLids treatment

    We recommend that you use the Indirect version of the treatment as it is called in the Quick Start guide supplied with your NuLids Starter Pack.

    Positioning the NuLids device over the eye to be treated

    >> Press the On button on the handheld device.
    A white light comes on.The device is now on standby, ready for use.

    >> Close your eyes gently and keep them closed throughout the treatment, especially when the Soft Tip is spinning and is contact with your eyelashes.

    Starting the NuLids treatment

    Initially, it can help to open one eye before treatment so you can check that you have correctly located the device at the eyelash intersection on the other eye. Soon you will be able to feel that the device is in the correct position so you can keep both eyes gently closed throughout the treatment. This is easier and more comfortable.

    >> Press the On button again when you are ready to start treatment
    The clear light turns to green and the Soft Tip starts rotating.

    >> Start the treatment with the first eye, applying the rotating Soft Tip gently to the point where your closed eyelashes meet.

    >> Move the device gently with even pressure slowly back and forth along your eyelash line until the device beeps.

    That means 15 seconds has elapsed. Continue with the treatment on the same eye for another 15 seconds until the NuLids beeps again.

    >> Move the NuLids to the other closed eye and repeat the treatment.

      My preferred technique for using NuLids

      How to use NuLids

      I find that holding the NuLids device horizontally and moving it gently along your eyelids is the easiest and safest way to ensure that your treatment is successful.

      It is much easier that way to maintain a soft and consistent pressure as you move the device slowly along.

      Don't worry if you press too hard because NuLids will detect this and pause automatically.

          After the treatment

          > Dispose of your used Soft Tip responsibly.

          > Put your NuLids device away safely till tomorrow.

          Storing your NuLids kit in the special zip case

          The best way to protect your NuLids as well as keeping the elements of the Starter Pack together is to get the specially designed NuLids zip case.

          NuLids zip case for storing and transporting your NuLids kit

          > Order a NuLids case now