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How to use Blephasteam

  1. First warm up the goggles to the preset temperature that is ideal for unclogging the Meibomian glands. Do this by plugging in the Blephasteam and pressing the Blue Button firmly until the AMBER light comes on.
  2. Wait approximately 15 minutes for the Blephasteam to warm up to the set temperature. When it does, 

    the AMBER light changes to GREEN.
  3. When you're ready to go, take two Blephasteam paper rings, moisten them with water and insert them inside the goggles. They are shaped to fit exactly into each eye cup.
  4. Put on the goggles and adjust the strap to your head size if necessary.
  5. Once the goggles are comfortable (not too tight), press and hold the Blue Button until the GREEN light starts FLASHING SLOWLY. This indicates that the therapy has started.
  6. Sit in a comfortable place for 10 minutes wearing the goggles, during which time you will experience a gentle warmth and a moist atmosphere as the water in the Blephasteam rings evaporates.
  7. At the end of the 10-minute therapy, the Blephasteam will make a long cheep and the GREEN light goes off. This indicates that it is time to take off the goggles.
  8. Remove the goggles and, as soon as you can, massage gently your top and bottom eyelids for about 30 seconds, as shown on this page:
    How to massage your eyelids to unclog your Meiobiam glands
  9. Unplug the Blephasteam and discard the used rings. Use fresh rings for each therapy.
  10. We recommend that you clean the inside of the goggles at regular intervals. You may find it easiest to use a clean baby wipe.
  11. Store your Blephasteam carefully in the blue zip bag in between uses.