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How to change lenses on your BS-Twin goggles

To change between the tinted lenses on BodySpecs BS-Twin goggles, follow the steps described below.

You may find the lenses a little stiff to remove the first time you do it but it will get easier. The frame is designed to flex so that you can change the lenses and you need to use a firm, decisive action when pushing out the lenses.

1. Unclip the gasket

Push up the gasket with a thumb from underneath. The gasket will rotate by 45 degrees and detach.

2. Flex the eyewear frame to pop out the lenses

Grip the frame above and below the lens and flex the frame apart slightly, while pushing the lens out firmly from the back with your thumbs.

This will pop the lens out from the front of the frame.

3. Insert the replacement lens

Position the lens to be inserted at the front of the lens aperture.

It is important to check that the lens is seated securely in the retaining groove around all the edges.

You will hear a definite “click” when the lens snaps into place correctly.

You may want to clean the lenses at this point before refitting the gasket. Use a clean lens cloth to wipe gently any smears or fingerprints.

4. Refit the gasket

The gasket attaches either side of the nose bridge. There are two plastic tabs that click into slots in the frame.

First position the gasket.

Then push gently downwards on the top of the gasket to click it into place.

The gasket should now be fitting snugly to the frame at the top and bottom.