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How does NuLids compare with Blephasteam?

Benefits of NuLids

NuLids offers a number of benefits when compared with Blephasteam. These are:

  • NuLids treatment is much quicker
    • Only 1 minute per day compared to 20 minutes for Blephasteam (plus Blephasteam warm up time of 3-4 minutes per session)
  • Nulids does not require you to massage your eyelids manually
    • In comparison, after using Blephasteam you have to massage your upper and lower eyelids very carefully using a special technique
  • With NuLids treatment you don't suffer from rings around your eyes
    • After treatment with NuLids, your eyes feel refreshed and look more healthy and open. There is no negative effect such as the facial rings around your eye sockets that you experience after a session with Blephasteam
  • NuLids is far more portable
    • You can easily take the NuLids device around with you when you are on the move and it is light and compact so it is suitable for carrying in your luggage when you are travelling by plane. In comparison, Blephasteam is bulky and inconvenient to take around with you
  • NuLids is much smaller and easier to store
    • As space is limited in most homes, it is a major benefit that the NuLids device is such a handy size. This compares with Blephasteam which is bulky
  • NuLids is much faster to use after charging
    • Once you have charged the battery in the NuLids device, all you need to do is press the On button to start it (this puts it in the ready state and you press On again when you have positioned the device ready for eyelid massage)
    • In comparison, even when fully charged, Blephasteam has to be turned on for several minutes to warm up before use and it gives out an annoying sequence of beeps to tell you when it is switched on, when it is ready, and when the treatment has finished

Benefits of Blephasteam

  • Does not require a lubricating gel so if you are allergic to them, you may prefer to use Blephasteam treatment which uses just heat and water vapour to soften your Meibomian deposits. However, you can use your own eye drops on the NuLids soft tips provided that they are a viscous gel
  • May be better if your eyelids are highly sensitive to touch
  • Lower ongoing cost of renewables compared with NuLids

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