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Give NuLids a 10-day trial so you can appreciate how it can benefit you

We are offering our customers a way to try NuLids for 10 days and still be able to return it for a refund if they don't find it beneficial to their eye condition.

John using his Nulids device

Why can it take 10 days to appreciate the benefits?

Using NuLids once a day for up to 10 days is recommended by the manufacturer as being the only effective way of assessing whether the product is for you.

As an MGD sufferer myself, this was the time period I allowed for deciding whether or not to purchase NuLids or stay with Blephasteam which I have used for some years (both Mark 1 and Mark 2 Blephasteam).

My own experience was that the first time I used NuLids, my eyes felt refreshed directly afterwards but it was after about 5 days that I noticed that my natural tears were lasting much longer.

The way that NuLids works is to clean out the accumulated gunk from your eyelids that is blocking your meibomian glands and to stimulate the glands so that they produce more, better quality tears that will keep your eyes moisturised for longer over the course of the day. 

I would describe my own dry eye condition as generally moderate (but more acute when my eyes are in challenging environments such as a heated room, or when using a computer for more than 30 minutes).

We understand that many people coming to this page will be suffering from a higher level of MGD and acute Blepharitis. If this is you, it might take 8 to 10 days for your meibomian glands to start working noticeable better.

So, unlike our moisture chamber glasses where you should experience a noticeable benefit after a short time, say 1 hour after of continuous use, with NuLids it will take longer but you should experience a significant reduction in your symptoms in the trial time.

Conditions of your NuLids trial

We are happy to accept a return of your NuLids starter pack within our normal 14-day return period.

However, you will have used some of the NuLids soft tips and Revitalize eye gel that come with your starter pack. This means that while we are happy to give a partial refund of returned starter packs, we have to deduct the cost of the soft tips and gel.

We also think that it is fair for us to deduct £10 to go towards cleaning up the returned NuLids device.

So on the basis that you return the NuLids starter pack within 14 days of purchase, in perfect condition with no damage to the NuLids handheld device or the packaging we will refund you £235 out of your purchase cost of £300.

Bear in mind that it will cost you around £10 to return the NuLids starter pack to us (you must use Royal Mail Special Delivery).

So the total cost of trying NuLids would add up to £75 or less. We think that this is a small amount to pay to enable you to trial a device that may well give you life changing benefits.


This is much better than the conditions relating to purchases of Blephasteam where, following the manufacturer's instructions, it is not possible to return the device for refund if you have used it.