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FAQs on our clip on sunglasses

Do the sunglasses filter 100% UV radiation?

All the lenses available in our store, whichever lens colour, filter 100% of ultraviolet light up to 400nm.

Will the clip-ons fit over plastic, metal, or rimless glasses?

All our clip on sunglasses are designed to fit over most styles of plastic, metal, or rimless frames.

Our spring-loaded and rimless clip-ons will fit over lenses or spectacle rims up to 4-5 mm thick at the edges.The size guides that are available on each product page in the spring-fit and rimless sections are the most reliable way to assess whether this type of clip on sunglasses will fit your glasses.

Can I wear the clip-ons over my light-reactive lenses?

Yes, many of our customers wear our polarised clip on sunglasses successfully over photochromic, light-reactive lenses such as “Transitions”.

There can be good reasons to have polarised clip ons to supplement the use of your light-reactive lenses. For example, light-reactive lenses do not normally work when you are in a car because the windscreen blocks the majority of the UV light which causes the lenses to activate.

Therefore, by wearing polarised clip-ons over your lenses, you can get the superior glare protection you need when driving.

Our advice is to go for the polarised copper tint for your clip on lenses. While the UV filter in our clip-ons will normally prevent your glasses from going darker, you may get some UV light shining on the back of the lenses of your glasses, causing some limited darkening.

By choosing our copper lenses, you can be sure that the combined tint when clipped over your light-reactive lenses will not be too dark.

What is the quality of your polarised lenses?

All the lenses in our clip on sunglasses are rated UV400 and are categorised as optical quality. They filter 100% of ultraviolet light up to 400nm, and meet and exceed all international standards for Optics, UV, and polarising efficiency, including US ANSI Z80.3, EN 1836 class 1, AS/NZS1067 and GB10810.

These standards apply to all types of clip on sunglasses that we sell, irrespective of which lens colour you choose.

Which are the best type of lenses for aviators?

In general, if you are a pilot flying small aircraft, you may wish to choose our non-polarised flip up sunglasses because they will not cause patterning on digital navigation displays. Yacht sailors also prefer non-polarized lenses for this reason.

FAQs about sizing

What are the size guide width and height measurements based on?

The measurements shown on the size guides in millimetres are intended to indicate the width and height to the outside edges of the clip-on lenses (this includes the metal rim on rimmed styles).

Does the spring bridge adjust to the width of my frames?

The purpose of the spring bridge is to expand the clip on sunglasses to make them easier to clip over your glasses. When you have clipped them on, the spring-bridge returns to its unextended width, providing the tension required to hold the clip-ons securely onto your frames.

Why do the clip-ons tilt down at the nose bridge when fitted to my glasses?

If the clip-ons dip at the nose bridge as illustrated below, it means the size you have selected is not wide enough for your frames.

To correct the problem, you simply need to exchange the clip-ons for a wider size. Use the size guides to identify the correct size to fit your glasses.


What does the number in the product code indicate, eg: Tru Rec 54?

The number indicates the width of each lens of the clip-ons in millimetres, eg: 54 mm.

This dimension includes the metal rim on rimmed styles. On Rimless types the width is to the edge of the clip-on lenses.

Will the clip-ons attach properly over thick spectacle lenses?

The four retaining clips are designed to fit over lenses or spectacle rims up to 4-5 mm thick at the edges.

Will the clip-ons attach properly over ultra-thin spectacle lenses?

Provided that you have the correct size of clip-ons for your frames, they will be secured by the tension on the spring bridge, and therefore fitting over ultra thin lenses should not pose a problem.

Will the clips scratch my lenses or frames?

The four retaining clips on the clip on sunglasses have a clear vinyl protective sleeve to help protect your lenses and frames from scratching. Provided that you take reasonable care when fitting or removing the clip-ons, scratching is not normally a problem.

Will the lenses of the clip on sunglasses scratch easily?

We use our clip on sunglasses on a daily basis and have not experienced any scratching of the tinted lenses during normal use. We have had no reports from customers of this being a problem.

    Purchasing FAQs

    Which payment methods do you accept

    You can pay securely online using most of the major credit or debit cards, or by using a PayPal account.

    Will my purchase be secure?

    Yes, our store processes all payments securely using 128-bit security to maintain the privacy of your personal and financial information. Security is level 1 PCI DSS compliant.