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Clip on sunglasses care and safety guidelines

Please ensure that you read and understand these care and safety guidelines before using your clip on sunglasses. A copy is also sent with all orders for your reference.

Safety advice on wearing the clipons

  • The clip on sunglasses are designed for wearing outdoors in daylight to help shield your eyes from the sun’s glare.
  • Never attempt to look directly at the sun even when wearing your clip on sunglasses.
  • Never wear the clip on sunglasses for driving at night or where you may encounter low light conditions such as indoors, a forested area, or when going through a tunnel.
  • The exception to this is our blue light blocking clip on lenses which are suitable for night driving and for wearing indoors to protect your eyes from the glare of digital devices such as PC, mobile, tablet, or sat navs.
  • We do not recommend the use of the clip on sunglasses for impact sports.
  • Never attempt to put on or take off your clip on sunglasses while driving, operating machinery, or during sport.
  • Ensure you check your clip on sunglasses regularly for any signs of wear and replace them if they are no longer safe to use or if the clips have been damaged.

Use of clip on sunglasses by children

Parents should only give clip on sunglasses to their children if they consider them old enough and sufficiently responsible to use them safely and not treat them as a toy.

Eyewear Accessories do not recommend wearing them for rough play or when children are playing sport. We will not accept responsibility for clip on sunglasses that are damaged through careless use, or for accidents that may happen through misuse. If in doubt, parents should supervise their children when they are wearing clip on sunglasses.

How to keep your clip on sunglasses in optimum condition

Always hold the clipons by the sides of one of the lenses to avoid scratching or smudging the lens itself.

To clean your clipons, we recommend use of soapy water and clean, lint free cloth. Avoid using strong detergents or abrasive cleaning products. Always hold the clipons by the side of the lens you are cleaning.

Whenever your clipons are not in use, keep them safe in the hard case provided.

Do not wear your clip on sunglasses for any extended period outdoors in rainy conditions and never put them away in their case damp otherwise damage may result to the lenses, frame and case.

Care when fitting the clipons to your spectacles

Our spring-fit clip on sunglasses have plastic coated lugs for attaching to your prescription glasses. While this helps to protect your glasses from accidental scratching, you should take care when fitting and removing your clipons to minimise contact with your prescription lenses.

Check your clip-ons regularly for any signs of wear to the protective coating on the lugs and replace the clip-ons if the coating should become worn.

Eyewear Accessories cannot be held responsible for any damage to clip on sunglasses or to the wearer’s prescription glasses that occurs through improper or careless use.