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BLEPHASTEAM® features and health benefits

BLEPHASTEAM® improves your tear quality by unblocking your meibomian glands, which in turn has positive benefits for eye health, vision and comfort.

It was designed in collaboration with eye care specialists, based on scientific studies by Dr JR Fuller that suggest daily application of heat and humidity has a beneficial effect on various MGD conditions.

Eyelid hygiene with warming followed by gentle massage is now recommended by an international workshop for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

The heat and moisture provided by the BLEPHASTEAM® eyelid warming mask is designed to be ideal for melting the secretions that block the meibomian glands in cases of MGD.

This makes it easier for you to remove the secretions using massage, gentle pressure on the eyelids and to cleanse the lids, removing the secretions with an eyelid wipe.

Moisture is stored in the mesh of the water carrier and evaporates steadily over the 10 minute therapy session.

Key features

  • Clinically proven to improve tear quality, decrease tear evaporation and improve vision
  • Class IIa Medical Device
  • Convenient and easy-to-use, 10 minutes twice daily
  • Unique design delivering moist heat at a consistent temperature (unlike an eye bag which starts hot and then cools down, making it less effective)
  • Preserves blink quality
  • Improvements compared with previous design include:
    • Heats up faster
    • Wireless operation
    • Improved visibility through the new visor
    • Informs user clearly when the device is fully charged and when it is heated up ready for use
    • No need to use with fiddly Blephasteam paper rings
  • 18-month guarantee