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Who can use BLEPHASTEAM®?

BLEPHASTEAM® can be used by adults (including pregnant and breastfeeding women) and children from 3 years old (with the presence of a parent or carer).

Can BLEPHASTEAM® be used on eyes with make-up?

BLEPHASTEAM® should be used on clean eyes without any make-up or dermatologic ointment.

Can BLEPHASTEAM® be used after putting in eye drops?

Eye drops should not be used for at least 15 min before using BLEPHASTEAM®.

Can BLEPHASTEAM® be used with contact lenses or glasses?

Contact lenses and glasses must be removed before the treatment session with BLEPHASTEAM®.

How many times can BLEPHASTEAM® be used after having charged it?

Always charge the device after each treatment session. Before initial use, the charging time could reach 90 minutes, but in daily use when the mask has been replaced on its base station after using it, it will take 45-60 minutes.

After each use, replace the mask on its base, the green battery light flashes while the device is charging, and charging is complete when the green battery light stops blinking.

The base can stay plugged in if used daily or twice a week, but if not used as frequently it is better to disconnect. 

When should BLEPHASTEAM® NOT be used?

Unless otherwise specified by your eye care professional, BLEPHASTEAM® must not be used in the following cases: 

  • Acute diseases of the eyes and/or eyelids.
  • Recent injury and corneal lesions or damage to the eye. 
  • Meibomian seborrhoea (excessive secretion of sebum produced by the meibomian glands). 
  • After surgery to or around the eye. 
  • If the patient is allergic to any component (plastic compounds)

How long does a treatment session with BLEPHASTEAM® last?

The treatment session with BLEPHASTEAM® lasts 10 min and before use the device should only take 3-4 minutes to pre-heat if the batteries are fully charged.

Do I need to use a specific plug adaptor for electric connection?

BLEPHASTEAM® is sold with a UK 3 pin plug fitted for use in the UK.

Do not use with other electrical formats than 220-240V/50Hz.

What type of water should I use to wet the water carrier?

For the preparation of BLEPHASTEAM®, use bottled drinking water to fill the water tray and then wet the water carrier.

Is it possible to use other batteries than those supplied by Théa?

Do not use any other batteries than the specific ones supplied with the device or by Théa. Use only the specific rechargeable batteries provided by Laboratoires Théa. Other batteries can cause damage that may lead to fire, injury, or instrument malfunction and void the warranty. 

Replacement batteries will only be available to order directly from Thea Pharmaceuticals via their website. 

What is the difference between the new BLEPHASTEAM® and the previous version?

The BLEPHASTEAM® new generation device includes many improvements: wireless device, warmup of only 3 to 4 minutes (vs 15 minutes for the previous version), for adults and children from 3 years old, more comfortable for patients, provides a clear and wider vision during the treatment session while maintaining the performance and safety of the previous BLEPHASTEAM® version demonstrated in clinical studies. 

What is the temperature reached by BLEPHASTEAM®?

The safety and efficacy of BLEPHASTEAM® have been evaluated in many clinical studies. BLEPHASTEAM® safely provides a controlled moist heat, delivering a temperature of approximatively 42.5°C.

It has been shown that a constant warming of the meibomian glands to ≥ 38°C is vital in MGD patients to liquify the meibomian secretions before eyelid massage, whilst higher temperatures, preferably ≥ 40°C are recommended for effective liquefaction of more severely obstructed glands. 

 How often should the water carrier be changed?

The manufacturer recommends that the water carrier should be changed every 3 months. However, we think that this could be extended, maybe to 6 months, even when used frequently. We will update this page based on experience of our customers and ourselves using BLEPHASTEAM®.

How often should the batteries be changed?

If BLEPHASTEAM® is used twice a day, the batteries should last about one year, but will last longer if used less frequently.

Where can I buy BLEPHASTEAM® spare parts?

Adult and children water carriers can both be ordered through Eyewear Accessories Ltd.

Contact us for information as to how to order replacement batteries (07999 023152).

How long does the BLEPHASTEAM® warranty last?

BLEPHASTEAM® has a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any fault, material damage or manufacturing defect in the product used in accordance with Blephasteam® instructions for use.

Are there any potential side effects that can occur?

The possible side effects that have been reported are irritation and redness around the eye and eye pain. 

If you notice any side effects or unusual sensations after using this device, please contact a health care professional.