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We are offering a 16% discount off all products for all EU customers

Eyewear Accessories discount code

Eyewear Accessories is pleased to announce that we are giving a 16% discount off all our products to all customers living in the EU.

Ziena glasses

How to get the discount

Simply send an email to with the following information:

  • your full delivery address
  • which product(s) you want to order
  • the quantity
  • frame and lens colour, where appropriate.

We will email you back with a link to a secure checkout in which the products have been discounted by 16%.

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to email us at:

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Why are so many people suffering from dry eyes at the moment?

blepharitis and dry eye syndrome Blephasteam computer glasses for dry eye sufferers MGD self help therapy

The main culprit behind the prevalence of dry eye since the start of the pandemic appears to be the extraordinary increase in people's screen time.

More people are curently spending much more time every day looking at digital devices – mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs.

In response to the pandemic, families and friends have turned to the likes of WhatsApp, Zoom, and Facebook to enable social contact and reduce loneliness.

The uptake of online shopping has also soared during the pandemic. In the UK, the value of online purchases went up by about a quarter in 2020 compared to 2019.


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Watch our new video overview of Ziena glasses

7eye glasses 7eye glasses uk allergy glasses glasses for dry eyes light sensitivity sunglasses moisture chamber glasses ziena glasses video ziena video

In this video, John explains how the Ziena range of moisture chamber glasses help to relieve dry eyes, itchy eyes due to airborne allergens, and watery eyes when you are outdoors in cold weather. He goes on to describe each of the models in the Ziena range, explaining their unique features.

If you are thinking of buying moisture chamber glasses, this video is an ideal starting point.

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How to measure your face to determine which size of glasses you need

7eye AirShield fitting service Eyewear Accessories fitting service face measurements for glasses how to measure your face Ziena glasses fitting service

When selecting glasses for dry eye relief or protection from the wind, dust, pollen, or glare, it is important to find the model(s) that will provide the best fit.

We are often asked whether there are any particular face or head measurements that can help in the selection of glasses.

Eyewear Accessories are trialling a new service to help guide you to the glasses that are likely to fit you the best by asking you to take two face measurements. We also ask if possible that you tell us the situations when you propose to use the glasses.

This service is...

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Watch our new video guide on how to choose 7eye AirShield glasses

7eye AirShield 7eye AirShield glasses 7eye AirShield sunglasses 7eye AirShield UK wind blocking glasses 7eye AirShield glasses

We have just published a video guide to the 7eye AirShield range of insulated glasses and sunglasses.

In the video, John from Eyewear Accessories describes how the AirShield eye cup protects your eyes from wind, dust and pollen before giving an overview of each of the models to help you choose which would be best for your head size and intended use.

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