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Want to stop your glasses from fogging up? Then this anti-fog cloth is a must have accessory.

AB anti-fog lens cloth anti fog cloth for glasses stop lens fogging when wearing a face mask stop lenses misting up

Up to now, I have been sceptical about the effectiveness of anti-fog treatments but here's a cloth that lives up to its claims.

Stops lenses fogging when wearing a face mask or moisture chamber glasses

Whether you are getting lens fogging when wearing a face mask or when you wear moisture chamber or windproof glasses, the AB Mask anti-fog lens cloth is a must have accessory.

Costing only £6.00 plus delivery (£1.99 in the UK) the cloth is easy and quick to use and can be reused over and over again.

Our staff...

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A natural way to relieve dry eyes at night or when you wake up

dry eye goggles for night dry eye goggles sleep dry eyes at night uk eyeseals 4.0 hydrating sleep mask for nighttime dry eye relief Eyeseals 4.0 uk moisture chamber goggles for sleep moisture chamber goggles sleeping uk

Do you wake up every morning with really dry, gritty eyes?

I do. I know how it makes you feel when your first sensation on waking is of having dry eyes. It lowers your mood as it forewarns of another day spent with uncomfortable vision.

If you have used our moisture chamber glasses to relieve dry eyes during your waking hours, you will know just how effective they can be.

Now we can offer you a product that is proven to help relieve dry eyes during rest and sleep and has received many positive reviews. Called Eyeseals 4.0, the goggles...

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Want to get out for a winter walk but frustrated by watery eyes?

glasses to stop eyes watering in cold weather how to stop eyes watering insulated sunglasses to stop eyes watering stop eyes watering stop eyes watering in cold weather stop eyes watering in cold wind stop eyes watering outdoors stop eyes watering outside stop eyes watering when i go outside stop eyes watering when outdoors

It feels really bleak out there today. The wind chill created by the strong easterly winds is making the temperature feel like -10°.

But it's still good to get out for a winter walk. We put on our woolly hats, scarves, coat and gloves and we're all set. But not quite! 

My eyes water so much I am looking through a mist of tears

Many of us find that our eyes start watering as soon as we get out in the cold and the wind. It takes away much of the enjoyment of being outdoors if we can't see because our vision...

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Unlock the true potential of Blephasteam by massaging your eyelids after treatment

If you suffer from Meiobiam gland dysfunction (MGD) it is likely that your Meiobiam glands are blocked - a condition termed obstructive MGD.

Blephasteam moist heat therapy is effective for melting Meibomian gland secretions and obstructions. However, to unlock its true potential, you need to massage your eyelids directly after the Blephasteam session ends.

It is important to do this correctly. If you do so, you should feel soon afterwards that your eyes are being much better lubricated by your tears. In this video, we demonstrate the correct technique for eyelid massage.

Watch our...

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Go on, give your eyes the boost they deserve!

Blephasteam Blephasteam review Blephasteam UK dry eyes Blephasteam

Here we are, in the middle of another lockdown, in mid-winter and it's tough on our eyes.

Why? Because lockdown means more time each day spent in front of a PC or mobile screen than ever before and that dries our eyes out.

Why? Because our central heating is on for longer because of the time of year and that dries our eyes out.

Why? Because when we go outdoors on a cold, windy day, the dry atmosphere dries our eyes out.

If you are a dry eye sufferer, like me, you can feel your eyes are under attack in all situations. Even at night, my eyes dry out and I wake in the morning everyday with gritty, sticky eyes.

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