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Body Specs range overview

Our range of Body Specs sunglasses includes something for everyone. It includes products that are suitable for varying sports and leisure pursuits ranging from golf, cycling and running to walking, fishing, and bird watching.

wearing BodySpecs sport sunglasses for road cycling

Body Specs eyewear is cleverly designed, with many products offering flexible options such as interchangeable lenses, and the option to replace the arms by goggle straps.

We recommend this competively priced, well built range of eyewear to anyone on a limited budget seeking to find eyewear that helps them enjoy their chosen pursuit more comfortably and effectively.

To help you select the most suitable Body Specs glasses or goggles for your head size and shape, this page describes the key features of each model in the range.

NuPolar sunglasses

Classically designed with the golfer or tennis player in mind, these sport sunglasses feature a lightweight bronze frame with top quality NuPolar lenses.

The dark green tint is particularly suited to ball sports and can be worn in a wide range of light conditions.

What separates this model from most sport sunglasses on the market are the polarised lenses which are the world's leading brand, offering excellent polarising efficiency and optical precision. All this at a surprisingly affordable price.Golf sunglasses with NuPolar lenses

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Flexible goggles

Their main appeal lies in their adjustability and portability.

Rather than having straight arm rests like sunglasses, the goggles have a cord that goes around your head and secures to the right fit by sliding up the toggle.

This means that they can fit a wider range of head shapes and sizes than conventional sunglasses (from Small to Extra Large).

flexible pollen allergy goggles

The goggles are light and portable and can therefore be stored or transported very conveniently. Yet they pack quite a punch when it comes to protection. Users have reported that they are very effective for eye moisture retention and for keeping out pollen and dust

The goggles are supplied with interchangeable clear and tinted lenses so they can be used indoors and outdoors.

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