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More praise for Body Specs flexible goggles

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As the hay season progresses and with the windy weather we are having at present, we see the demand soaring for Body Specs flexible goggles.

adjustable hay fever goggles

Customers like the adjustability which enables them to get a very good seal around their eyes - perfect for blocking hay fever and for creating an effective moisture chamber effect if you are a dry eye sufferer. The goggles are also light to wear, comfortable, and extremely portable.

girl wearing lightweight goggles

A further aspect of their versatility is that they are supplied with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses for all weather.

clear hayfever goggles

We have received a number of enthusiastic reviews of this product over the years and this one just came in today which I'd like to share with you:

"Great service, great products"

"My eyes have been watering in cold, windy weather for years now, and I came upon Eyewear Accessories 5 years ago. I've since had 3 pairs from them - and all have been helped me a lot (and saved a lot of tissues!).

I use them mostly for outdoor activities - running and walking - but also for just walking to the shops in winter. My most recent pair are Body Specs Z-001: the interchangeable lenses are good as the season progresses, and I use a strap with them to keep them snug when exercising.

They have had lots of "essential" use during "lockdown"! Good to know that spare gaskets and lenses can be obtained, too.

I've always found the company (aka John!) very helpful when contacted, and his system of 'order two, keep the one that fits/suits, and return the other' works very well if unsure of size and style from the website. It's certainly worked for me."

John wearing his hay fever goggles

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