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More positive reviews about 7eye Cape AirShield sunglasses

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We have been delighted with the positive comments that keep on coming from many of our customers who have bought the 7eye Cape for protection. It seems that these glasses have been quite life changing for many people who have previously suffered from sore, dry eyes due to wind, dust, and pollen.

Here is a sample of comments that we have received about the Cape during 2015:

"I would like to let you know how delighted I am with my sunglasses that you recommended. I did not have any problems with my eyes on my sailing holiday in Greece and this made a huge impact on my enjoyment as in previous years I have been badly affected by the sun and wind. Thank you so much and I am very glad that I spoke to you and took your advice on which pair to buy as they definitely did the job."

"I ordered the 7eye Cape for my dad and he has (for the first time in 9 years!) been able to go the park with my daughter without coming back with painful, red and irritable eyes. It went so well that he managed to teach her to ride her bike."

“I played my first tear free round of golf in windy conditions. I've tried using my Oakleys before to prevent the wind affecting my eyes, but they didn't work. The 7eye Cape glasses worked a treat. Very comfortable to wear and enabled clear vision. The day started out bright then ended up overcast so I really got to test them out today. I played one of my best rounds of recent weeks too. Thank you very much, these are a game changer for me.”

"As a dry eye sufferer I would like to tell others I highly recommend these specialist glasses and the extremely helpful expertise of the owner in making my choice. I have two pairs of the 7eye Cape model - clear and polarized - and the unique moisture gaskets have made a significant difference to the comfort of my eyes enabling me to enjoy being outdoors without the usual adverse effects."


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