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Get your order in early this week! Last day for dispatches is 3 December

Just to let you know that our office will be closed temporarily at the end of this week, from 4 to 7 December inclusive.

If you're thinking of placing an order, it is a good idea to do so as soon as possible to ensure prompt dispatch.

We are operating same day dispatch of orders up to 1:00 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. After that the next time we are dispatching will be on Tuesday 8 December.

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We've reduced the cost of 7eye AirShield glasses

7eye AirShield 7eye AirShield glasses 7eye AirShield UK best windproof cycling glasses Windproof glasses with clear lenses Winter cycling goggles

Eyewear Accessories is pleased to announce a price reduction on 7eye AirShield glasses applicable from now until 31 December 2020, or before if stocks run out.

Prices equivalent to those in 2015

The price reduction applies to the cost of 7eye glasses with SharpView Clear lenses, a popular choice in Autumn and Winter. 

Our prices for 7eye AirShield clear glasses and goggles are now equivalent to those charged in 2015, representing excellent value for this quality brand.

Do you live in the EU?

It's a very good time to buy from us if you are in the EU, before international tariffs...

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Blephasteam is now in stock and available to order

Blephasteam Blephasteam UK MGD therapy MGD treatment treatment for MGD

We are pleased to confirm that Blephasteam is back in stock and you can place your order here.

Blephasteam is a safe and effective therapy that uses gentle heat and moisture to unblock your Meibomian glands, improving your tear quality and lessening your dry eye symptoms.


Read more about Blephasteam

My personal experience of using Blephasteam

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7eye's new Contrast Photochromic lenses - a versatile option for sport and leisure

7eye contrast lenses 7eye lenses light enhancing lenses light reacting lenses night driving goggles night driving lenses photochromic contrast lenses reduce headlight glare

Reasons to buy 7eye's new Contrast Photochromic lenses - a versatile option for sport and leisure.

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Putting on the central heating was the last straw for my dry eye condition

Can central heating cause dry eyes central heating and dry eyes dry eyes central heating glasses to help dry eyes glasses to stop dry eyes What causes dry eyes all of a sudden? Ziena glasses Ziena moisture chamber glasses

It's reached that time of year when turning on the central heating becomes a necessity for all but the most hardy people.

Most people I know who suffer from dry eyes, myself included, try to postpone this moment as long as possible and put on warmer clothing instead because of the dramatic effect that heating has on their eye symptoms.

For us, it's a cold and windy day in late October and we've finally succumbed and turned up the radiator thermostats. 

effect of central heating on dry eyes

Within a short time I could feel my...

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