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Body Specs lightweight flexible goggles (SMALL to LARGE fit)

Body Specs lightweight flexible goggles (SMALL to LARGE fit)



  • Comfortable lightweight dry eye / pollen goggles with separate padded moisture chambers
  • Flexible nose bridge and adjustable head cord allows you to adjust the goggles to the size of your head and to hug the contours of your face. This makes it very effective for keeping your eyes moisturised
  • Suitable for most adult head sizes; normally too big to fit children
  • Light and can be folded, making them ideal travel goggles - wear them on the plane to keep your eyes moisturised and then on holiday for hay fever or dust protection
  • Supplied with interchangeable dark grey, yellow, and clear lenses
  • Lenses provide 100% UV protection
  • Includes lens cloth and soft protective case with lens pockets and loops for attaching to a belt

Note: the padded gasket on these goggles is not designed to be removable.

Don't wear them too tight!

The flexible goggles are not intended to fit like a swimming goggle. Adjust the toggle so that they feel comfortable. That way you get the best moisture chamber effect and wind protection without the lenses steaming up.

My daily experience of using the goggles

What I use the goggles for

I find that this product is ideal for a wide range of activities. Outdoors I use them for cycling and gardening. Indoors I use them as moisture chamber goggles. They are especially good for computer use.

Wearing them under my glasses

As a spectacle wearer, I was looking for an inexpensive way to get prescription moisture chamber glasses that fitted me really well.

I find that for computer use I can wear my Body Specs flexible goggles underneath my normal glasses. It's an inexpensive way of getting a really good moisture chamber effect if you are a spectacle wearer. 

moisture chamber goggles you can wear under glasses - side view

Product eligible for EU customer discount

This product is eligible for our EU residents' discount. If your delivery address is in the EU, we will give you 16% off the total price of products in your shopping basket:

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In addition from these benefits, most customers find that the protective Body Specs gasket improves protection from the sun's glare compared to normal wraparound sunglasses.

Interchangeable lenses included

  • Dark grey
  • Yellow (light-enhancing)
  • Clear

See instructions on how to change lenses on your flexible goggles

Frame size

  • Lens dimensions: 62 mm wide x 40 mm deep
  • Frame width: Adjustable

Customer feedback on these goggles

"By using these goggles I have been able to reduce my eye drop frequency by more than 50%."

See full text of this comment on our Feedback page.

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