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Want to buy a product but it's not in stock? Pre-order one now so you don't miss out

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If there's a product that you want to order but it's out of stock, you can now request to pre-order one.

Benefits of pre-ordering

Many people are watching our website to see when a particular item is available and as a result our products tend to sell out very fast.

By pre-ordering the product you want, you:

  • don't miss out when it's put up for sale on our website
  • ensure priority for despatch as soon as our new stock delivery arrives.

Which products can I pre-order?

We are getting new stock deliveries of the following items in the next 2 weeks:


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The extreme heat warning and what it means for your eyes

allergic conjunctivities allergic conjunctivitis dry eye syndrome effect of extreme hot weather on eyes extreme heat warning met office heat warming moisture chamber glasses Ziena Eyewear

Due to the heatwave in England, the Met Office has issued an extreme heat warning for the first time ever.

Exeter, where the Met Office is based and where I live and work, is today hotter than Delhi or Lagos. 

hot and sunny weather

Why do we seldom hear about the effect of extreme heat on our eyes? 

Plenty of common sense advice is broadcast in hot weather, such as drinking plenty of fluids and wearing cool and loose clothing. But very little is said about how extreme hot weather affects our eyes and...

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Blephasteam is now back in stock

Blephasteam Blephasteam UK

We are pleased to confirm that Blephasteam is back in stock. Numbers are limited so we advise early purchase to avoid disappointment.

Blephasteam is a unique eyelid-warming medical device that helps relieve symptoms of MGD and associated eye diseases such as posterior blepharitis, meibomitis, ocular rosacea, chalazion, contact lens intolerance and dry eye.


By unblocking the meibomian glands, tear quality is improved, which in turn has positive benefits for eye health, vision and comfort.

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Are you prepared for the 'Pollen Bomb'?

hay fever glasses hay fever itchy eyes hayfever sunglasses itch eyes hay fever itchy eyes hayfever pollen bomb

A 'pollen bomb', that's what the media are calling it. The UK has the classic conditions for a spike in pollen levels this month: a very wet spell of weather followed suddenly by warm, sunny conditions causing plants to release large amounts of pollen.

pollen is released by grasses, trees and other plants in spring

Lockdown may increase the frequency and severity of allergic reactions

The pollen bomb is likely to cause hay fever misery for millions of people.

Medical experts have suggested that more people will suffer this year and that allergic reactions to pollen may be more severe.


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Listen to yesterday's Jeremy Vine show discussion about dry eyes and treatments

jenny eclair dry eyes jeremy vine blephasteam jeremy vine dry eyes sarah jarvis dry eye treatments sarah jarvis jeremy vine dry eyes sarah jarvis on dry eyes sarah jervis on jeremy vine show

If you suffer from dry eyes or know a friend or relation who has this condition, then it is worth giving 10 minutes of your time to listen to the Dry Eye discussion on yesterday's Jeremy Vine show.

You will need to log into your BBC account (you can log in under any BBC account that you have set up, for example BBC iPlayer).

What the show covers

Sarah Jarvis, the TV doctor, answers listeners' questions about dry eyes and the range of treatments available.

Also featured is Jenny Eclair talking about her...

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