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Protect your eyes from wind, spray, and glare when you are sailing

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When you are sailing, your eyes are exposed to the elements for prolonged periods and it is essential to protect them from wind, spray, and glare.

Unfortunately, most sunglasses do not really keep out strong winds, even if they have wraparound lenses, and your eyes still get buffeted, making them dry and sore, or making them stream with tears when it is cold.

Sailing sunglasses

Sunglasses with AirShield give you much better wind protection

In contrast to standard wraparound sunglasses, the 7eye AirShield range has well padded, removable gaskets (termed "eye cups") that insulate your eyes from being blasted by the wind. The AirShield...

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More positive reviews about 7eye Cape AirShield sunglasses

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"I would like to let you know how delighted I am with the 7eye Cape sunglasses that you recommended. I did not have any problems with my eyes on my sailing holiday in Greece and this made a huge impact on my enjoyment as in previous years I have been badly affected by the sun and wind. Thank you so much and I am very glad that I spoke to you and took your advice on which pair to buy as they definitely did the job."

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