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News and reviews — moisture chamber spectacles

More praise for the Ziena Kai from dry eye sufferers

do dry eye glasses work? Eyewear Accessories moisture chamber spectacles Ziena Kai Ziena Kai glasses

We regularly receive emails and reviews from customers who have found that our glasses have made a big difference to their quality of life.

We add these comments to our page on customer feedback and they appear where appropriate in the product reviews. Sometimes we are so thrilled by the supportive emails from customers that we publish them in our blog.

Ziena kai moisture chamber spectacles

Here are two of those comments about the Ziena Kai and on our quality of service from two customers that arrived in...

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New Ziena moisture chamber glasses designed for Asian facial structure

computer glasses dry eyes moisture chamber glasses Asian fit moisture chamber spectacles Ziena Eyewear Ziena SeaCrest

We are pleased to announce that Ziena Eyewear, designers of the world's leading moisture chamber glasses, have launched a new model called the Ziena SeaCrest.

Ziena SeaCrest

Designed to fit Asian facial structures

Based on the popular Ziena Nereus moisture chamber glasses, the new model is wider fitting. It has been specifically designed to fit Asian facial structures with a shallow nose bridge and higher cheekbones.

Like other models in the Ziena series, the new SeaCrest has a removable soft silicone eye shield which rests gently around the eye sockets, creating separate moisture chambers that...

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Useful article in Medical News Today on dry eye - causes, diagnosis, and treatments

dry eye causes dry eye diagnosis dry eye treatments moisture chamber spectacles

According to the National Health Service (NHS) approximately 17% to 30% of people in the UK have dry eyes at some time in their life.

This review on Medical News Today of what causes dry eyes, how it is diagnosed, and what treatments are available is a useful introduction to the subject.

Among the treatments it describes are moisture chamber spectacles.

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Are there computer glasses available for dry eyes?

computer glasses for dry eyes computer screen dry eyes computers dry eyes dry eyes computer dry eyes computer use dry eyes in the office moisture chamber glasses moisture chamber spectacles

Wearing moisture chamber glasses can help reduce the symptoms of dry eyes associated with computer use.

computer glasses for dry eyes

These special glasses have a protective eye cup that creates separate moisture chambers around your eyes. Wearing them can help to reduce the evaporation of tear moisture, so you can continue to work at your computer screen more comfortably.

Ziena Verona glasses

Why do I suffer from dry eyes when using the computer?

If you work with computers for any prolonged period of time, you are likely to have experienced sore, dry eyes, especially if you work in...

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Fed up with relying on eye drops to relieve your dry, sore eyes?

dry eyes eye drops dry eyes treatment moisture chamber spectacles relieve dry eyes without eye drops What is the best home remedy for dry eyes

Dry eyes can make daily life a misery. Millions of people of all ages are suffering from it every day. In the office, at home, on public transport, in our cars, outdoors in the wind...To a dry eye sufferer, it seems that our eyes are bombarded all day with prolonged exposure to drying environments.

Are eye drops really the only answer for my dry eye problem?

So what can you do about it? Well, speak to your doctor or optician and they will almost certainly point you towards eye drops to lubricate your eyes. End of story?

No, not quite! Wearing moisture chamber...

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