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News and reviews — glasses to stop itchy eyes

Suffering from itchy eyes due to pollen? Great value protection from Body Specs sunglasses

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Suffering from itchy eyes due to pollen but looking for hay fever sunglasses on a limited budget?

Try these new wraparound sunglasses with protective gaskets from Body Specs. They offer great value plus delivery and can help reduce itchy eyes associated with allergy to pollen and dust, and can help dry eye sufferers by reducing tear evaporation.

hay fever sunglasses

protective gasket blocks pollen

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Don't put up with itchy eyes this hay fever season. Get a pair of hay fever glasses!

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If you are one of millions of us who dread those days when the pollen count is high because you suffer from unbearably itchy eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) then there is a simple, but effective remedy - wear specialised hay fever glasses.

As recommended in the Times newspaper

Eyewear Accessories is the only company in the UK to specialise in pollen-filtering glasses. 

Our hayfever glasses were recommended in the Health section of The Times newspaper (12 March 2019). If you register with The Times (no payment required), you can read the full article: Read more →