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Five reasons why our flip up sunglasses are better for driving than prescription sunglasses

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Here are 5 good reasons why it pays to buy a pair of our flip up sunglasses for driving rather than buy prescription sunglasses.

1. Much less expensive option

Our flip up sunglasses are a fraction of the cost of polarised prescription sunglasses.

At only £19.99 plus postage, our flip up sunglasses have optical quality polarised lenses. You can buy several pairs and it is still cheaper than prescription sunglasses.

2. They work better

Many prescription sunglasses have light-reactive lenses. They do not darken when you are driving, because the windscreen blocks the UV light.

So many of our customers have light-reactive...

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Flip up sunglasses are best for driving in constantly changing light conditions

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Driving in constantly changing light conditions is tiring at best, and at worst can be a definite safety hazard. How do you optimise your view of the road, when the skies change rapidly from clear and bright to overcast, and when short, intense cloudbursts cause temporary road blindness?

If you wear glasses to drive, the best way to cope with this variable light is to wear polarised flip up sunglasses.

When the sun is intense, you can quickly and safely flip the tinted clip on lenses down. The polarising filter in the lenses also significantly reduces the dazzling effect of...

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Road blindness due to low angle sun is hazardous. Here's how to avoid it.

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Winter is a challenging time for drivers because of the variable light conditions, and especially the glare from the low angle sun.

One moment the sun is out and then there's a shower and the light level drops considerably. Then the sun suddenly reappears and sunlight is reflected from the wet road surface.

The glare is so intense that you experience temporary road blindness and can't see a thing - a serious safety hazard.

glare from low angle sun reflected off the road surface

Unfortunately these conditions are most difficult at times when many people are on the road,...

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