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News and reviews — dry eye relief

A natural way to relieve dry eyes that reduces reliance on eye drops

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Worried that you rely too heavily on regular application of eye drops for daily relief of your dry eye symptoms? Suffering from increased eye irritation because of the preservatives used in artifical tears?

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A call to action for healthcare professionals to raise awareness of the benefits of 7eye AirShield glasses

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"What has surprised me is that none of the healthcare professionals supporting me were aware of AirShield glasses"

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I have been able to reduce my eye-drop frequency by more than 50% by wearing moisture chamber glasses

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By using moisture chamber goggles I have been able to reduce my eye-drop frequency with more than 50%.

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The 7eye Cape have truly transformed my life

7eye Cape blepharitis relief dry eye dry eye relief

I was about to lose my job as I work in an air conditioned environment and it was proving to be impossible to manage, until I discovered 7 eye Cape moisture chamber glasses. They have truly transformed my life!

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