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News and reviews — dark sunglasses for RP sufferers

Finding the sun too bright? Try wearing 7eye Airshield sunglasses

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7eye AirShield sunglasses are the must have accessory for the summer.

Whereas normal sunglasses let in glare around the edges of the lenses, 7eye AirShield of sunglasses have a gasket that clips behind the rims which blocks peripheral glare.

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7eye wraparound glasses may help protect RP sufferers from glare

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Eyewear Accessories recently supplied 7eye polarized grey sunglasses to a sufferer of Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) to help her protect her eyes from glare.

Woman wearing 7eye Briza

She was looking for a more stylish alternative to standard medical issue dark sunglasses that would provide a high level of wraparound protection from the sun's glare.

"The pads stop completely all light ingress from around the rear of the frame"

The customer reported that the "glasses are absolutely fantastic" and that they gave her "better, sharp and lighter...

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