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How I stopped my eyes watering when cycling in the cold

7eye AirShield 7eye Cape clear windproof cycle goggles cycling glasses that stop the wind cycling glasses that stop watery eyes cycling glasses wind protection Stop my eyes watering when cycling in winter

I enjoy getting out on my bike most days of the year as long as the weather isn't too bad.

The trouble is that as soon as it starts getting colder, from November through to March, my eyes water like anything when I'm outdoors. They also feel sore during and after my bike ride - it feels as though someone has punched me in the eyes.

I researched the best home remedy to stop watery eyes outdoors

I first noticed the watering problem in my early 50s when one eye in particular started tearing excessively in cold and windy weather.


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The 7eye Cape have truly transformed my life

7eye Cape blepharitis relief dry eye dry eye relief

I was about to lose my job as I work in an air conditioned environment and it was proving to be impossible to manage, until I discovered 7 eye Cape moisture chamber glasses. They have truly transformed my life!

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More positive reviews about 7eye Cape AirShield sunglasses

7eye AirShield 7eye Cape glasses for dry eye Oakley sunglasses reviews of 7eye Cape reviews of 7eye sunglasses sailing sunglasses windproof sunglasses windproof sunglasses for sailing

"I would like to let you know how delighted I am with the 7eye Cape sunglasses that you recommended. I did not have any problems with my eyes on my sailing holiday in Greece and this made a huge impact on my enjoyment as in previous years I have been badly affected by the sun and wind. Thank you so much and I am very glad that I spoke to you and took your advice on which pair to buy as they definitely did the job."

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Love golf but hate the wind buffeting around your eyes?

7eye Cape golf open golf sunglasses to stop the wind Open Golf at St Andrews windproof golf eyewear

"These are a game changer for me" wrote one our customers after wearing his 7eye Cape for the first time while playing a round of golf.

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