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Get outdoors and enjoy the spring weather!

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While the stream of advice about Coronavirus is bewildering, there is a consistent theme that for healthy adults it is recommended to get outdoors and take your daily exercise,

So, get out in the garden if you can, and once a day go for a walk, bike ride, or jog.

John wearing 7eye Ventus protective glasses for cycling

Protect your eyes

It's important to have the right protective clothing so that you can enjoy being outdoors, even when it's cold and windy.

Your eyes are among the most sensitive parts of the body to wind, sunshine, dust, and pollen. But while...

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How I stopped my eyes watering when cycling in the cold

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I enjoy getting out on my bike most days of the year as long as the weather isn't too bad.

The trouble is that as soon as it starts getting colder, from November through to March, my eyes water like anything when I'm outdoors. They also feel sore during and after my bike ride - it feels as though someone has punched me in the eyes.

I researched the best home remedy to stop watery eyes outdoors

I first noticed the watering problem in my early 50s when one eye in particular started tearing excessively in cold and windy weather.


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Enjoy 3 in 1 protection when you wear 7eye AirShield glasses

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7eye AirShield glasses and sunglasses give your eyes so much more protection than standard wraparound eyewear.

No other type of eyewear offers 3 in 1 protection against:

  • wind
  • pollen and dust
  • peripheral glare

What's more, wearing 7eye AirShield glasses means that your tear moisture will not evaporate so fast, and this helps to relieve symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Protection against wind

The soft, comfortable AirShield eye cup encircles your eye sockets, insulating your eyes from the wind.

7eye AirShield eye cup

Wearing 7eye AirShield glasses will, in most cases, stop your eyes from producing...

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Enjoy walking on Dartmoor even when the wind blows

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When you're visiting the highest pub in Southern England - the Warren House Inn - you really appreciate having windproof glasses

This famous Inn stands at 1,425 feet at the top of an exposed ridge high up in Dartmoor. I went there on Sunday for a coffee and one of their famous flapjacks and then walked over to Hookery Tor and back.

Warren House Inn on Dartmoor

It was a lovely sunny day, but I had forgotten how windy it was in Dartmoor. I was very pleased to be wearing my Ziena...

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What are the two best ways of preparing for the hay fever season?

7eye AirShield hay fever glasses hay fever glasses for children HayMax moisture chamber glasses natural treatments for allergic rhinitis natural treatments for hay fever prescription hay fever glasses prescription moisture chamber glasses The Times best hay fever treatments treatments for itchy eyes Ziena Eyewear

With temperatures set to soar this weekend, it is predicted that the grass pollen count will be very high. If you are prone to hay fever, you can expect to suffer increasingly from itchy and sore eyes, blocked or runny nose and bouts of sneezing.

grass pollen count is becoming high

There are lots of hay fever treatments available; many of the commonest involve taking antihistamine medication or steroid nasal sprays.

There are, however, two drug-free treatments that are very effective. They have been singled out by The Times as the best ways to protect your eyes and nose...

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