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Body Specs wraparound sports glasses offer the cyclist excellent value and versatility

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Wraparound sports glasses with interchangeable non polarised lenses

Body Specs wraparound sports glasses are popular with cyclists for several good reasons.

Well wrapped lenses help block out wind and dust

The combination of wraparound lenses that go right round your temples, together with interchangeable dark, clear, and yellow lenses adds up to a useful package, at a competitive price of only £34.99 plus £4.99 delivery.

While they do not block as much wind as our 7eye wraparound glasses with AirShield gasket, these sports glasses nevertheless achieve a good compromise between peripheral vision and moderate wind blocking.

Non-polarised lenses allow clear viewing of your cycle computer screen

The lenses provide 100% UV protection. They are non-polarised so that they can be worn when viewing your Garmin bike computer without the screen image being patterned (as would be the case if you wear polarised lenses).

Here are some photos of one of our cycling customers, who says that she finds these glasses are versatile when racing in different weather and light conditions.

Below she is wearing the dark brown lenses on a bright, sunny day. These lenses filter blue light, making colours and contrast more vivid, so they are ideal for maximising clear vision.

Wearing Body Specs wraparound sunglasses with dark brown lenses

Below, she is wearing yellow light enhancing lenses to help her see more clearly in misty conditions.

Wearing the sports glasses with yellow lenses

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