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Stop the itch fast by wearing our hayfever sunglasses!

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The current run of warm, dry and sunny weather is being enjoyed by many.

But if you are one of the 20% of hay fever sufferers in the UK** you probably dread the arrival of Spring because it brings you a host of symptoms, including one that must surely be the most irritating...Yes, I'm talking about itchy eyes.

woman with itchy eyes

** NHS statistic

It's already been a bad year for hay fever. It's about to get a whole lot worse

The balmy weather in April and May brought higher birch and oak pollen...

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How to clean your Ziena glasses properly to maximise their useful life

how to clean Ziena glasses Ziena EYewear cleaning advice Ziena glasses cleaning

Here we illustrate the best ways of cleaning your Ziena glasses so as to protect them and keep them working to the best of their potential.

Everyday maintenance after every use

Before cleaning your glasses, unpeel the silicone eye cup from the frame and set it carefully aside.

unpeeling the silicone eye cup

To remove dust and fingermarks, gently polish the lenses, frame, and eye cup with the grey microfibre bag.

polishing the lenses with the microfibre bag

Cleaning after the glasses have become damp

What should you do if you have worn the glasses on a...

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More praise for the Ziena Kai from dry eye sufferers

do dry eye glasses work? Eyewear Accessories moisture chamber spectacles Ziena Kai Ziena Kai glasses

We regularly receive emails and reviews from customers who have found that our glasses have made a big difference to their quality of life.

We add these comments to our page on customer feedback and they appear where appropriate in the product reviews. Sometimes we are so thrilled by the supportive emails from customers that we publish them in our blog.

Ziena kai moisture chamber spectacles

Here are two of those comments about the Ziena Kai and on our quality of service from two customers that arrived in...

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Buying for someone else but not sure which glasses they will like? Buy them a Gift Card!

Want to buy a special gift for a friend or relative who is suffering with dry, itchy, or sore eyes?

sore eyes

Our glasses, sunglasses and goggles can be the perfect present to buy a loved one with sore eyes.

If their eyes are uncomfortable day in, day out it will be negatively affecting their mental health and well being. Our products can be life enhancing for many people and because of that they make very special gifts.

dry eye glasses

Introducing the Eyewear Accessories gift card

It can be difficult to anticipate which style or type of product your friend...

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Another windy day in the garden calls for some eye protection that really works

eyes wind protection itchy eyes hay fever wind blocking glasses Ziena Kai

I've really noticed the wind today while I've been gardening. Though the sun is out, there's a persistent Easterly - particularly strong if you live on top of a hill like we do!

I've been wearing my Ziena Kai again today and have been very pleased to have efffective wind protection for my eyes. The silicone shield blocks the wind very well. It's like being in a bubble of calm while the wind blows around me.

I'll be grateful for my Ziena glasses again later this week...

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