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How to stop glasses from fogging up when you're wearing a face mask

stop glasses fogging uo when wearing a mask stop lens fogging when wearing a face mask

Now that wearing a face mask is becoming an increasing feature of daily life, spare a thought for those of us who wear glasses.

Yes, spectacle-wearers will be finding that when their mask is on, the lenses are prone to fogging up.

The BBC have written a useful page and published a video with recommendations on how best to wear your mask to minimise fogging.

The page can be found by clicking this link:

To see the relevant content, you will need to scroll down to the bit about "How to stop it fogging up my glasses".

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We're in for a windy weekend. The answer - Go Windless!

7eye AirShield Glasses to stop the wind keep the wind out of your eyes wind blocking glasses windless glasses windless goggles windless sunglasses windproof glasses windproof goggles windproof sunglasses Ziena Eyewear

Sometimes it feels as if 2020 has been the year of the wind.

Here we are in mid-summer and the strong winds and showers make it feel more like March than July.

wearing windproof sunglasses on an exposed seafront

If you're keen on the outdoors and the weather forecast makes your spirits sink, think again! Enjoying the outdoors in all weathers is mainly about wearing good quality protective clothing designed to keep out the elements while remaining comfortable and non-constricting.

windproof sunglasses

But while shops that sell all-weather clothing handle protection of most of your body pretty well,...

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Want to get 7eye Cape glasses but your prescription is out of range?

7eye Cape prescription lenses 7eye glasses with prescription adapters high prescription lenses into 7eye AirShield RX adapters for 7eye

You may have seen online the 7eye AirShield range that offers best in class protection from wind, dust, and pollen, but so far have been unable to get a pair because your prescription is above the maximum limits.

7eye have introduced a high prescription adapter ring that fits in the aperture of the Cape lenses. It replaces the wraparound lens with a lens mount that is flat, enabling higher prescription lenses to be fitted without distortion.

Values of up to Sphere + 4.0 to - 7.0 and Cylinder + or - 2.0 can be accommodated.

7eye Cape with adapters for high...</p>

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How to clean your lenses effectively without impairing their anti-fog coating

7eye lens spray BodySpecs lens cleaner cleaning solution for Ziena lenses cleaning spray for anti fog lenses lens cleaning spray spectacle lens cleaner

It is important to follow a regular routine of cleaning the lenses in your moisture chamber glasses. Not only does this maintain crystal clear vision but if the lenses have dust particles and smears this can increase the likelihood of them fogging up.

Using a lens cleaning spray might appear to be the simplest and most effective way to remove dust and dirt from lenses. But could the spray you are using be actually reducing the effectiveness of the anti-fog coating of your lenses?

Well yes, according to 7eye it could. All their glasses have an anti-fog coating to reduce lens misting. However,...

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Walking along the seafront on a windy day never felt as comfortable as this!

best sunglasses for beach wear best sunglasses for sensitive eyes Dawlish great storm 2014 dry eye sunglasses glasses to help dry eyes moisture chamber sunglasses sunglasses for dry eyes sunglasses to keep out the wind windproof sunglasses Ziena Eyewear Ziena glasses ziena kai

On Saturday we enjoyed a walk across the sea front from Dawlish Warren to Dawlish. As anyone who is familiar with this stretch of the Devon coastline knows, it is vulnerable to strong winds and high seas - famously during the Great Storm of 2014.

June 27 was no exception! There was a strong, gusty wind from the south west and the waves were crashing high on the sea wall. Exciting conditions but hardly ideal for a gently seaside stroll.

Wearing windproof sunglasses on...</p>

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