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Flip up sunglasses are best for driving in constantly changing light conditions

best clip on sunglasses for driving flip up sunglasses for driving polarised flip up sunglasses

Driving in constantly changing light conditions is tiring at best, and at worst can be a definite safety hazard. How do you optimise your view of the road, when the skies change rapidly from clear and bright to overcast, and when short, intense cloudbursts cause temporary road blindness?

If you wear glasses to drive, the best way to cope with this variable light is to wear polarised flip up sunglasses.

When the sun is intense, you can quickly and safely flip the tinted clip on lenses down. The polarising filter in the lenses also significantly reduces the dazzling effect of...

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How can I tell whether the moisture chamber glasses I have bought fit me properly?

checking whether moisture chamber glasses fit me how to check the fit of my windproof glasses

The effectiveness of our protective glasses and sunglasses depends on how well they fit you.

How should the eye cup fit?

If the eye cup creates a good seal all the way around your eye sockets, the glasses will provide an effective barrier against wind, dust, and pollen.

A good fitting eye cup stops eyes watering outdoors in cold winds, and will create the "moisture chamber" effect that is necessary to give you relief for dry eye symptoms.silicone eye cup on Ziena Verona glasses

The eye cup is not intended...

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Why it's important to buy optical quality clip on sunglasses

best clip on sunglasses best clip on sunglasses for glare protection best clip on sunglasses for polarisation best polarising clip on sunglasses best quality clip on sunglasses optical quality sunglasses

All types of clip on sunglasses available from Eyewear Accessories Ltd are defined as being of optical quality.

optical quality clip on sunglasses

What does that actually mean and why is it so important?

Optical quality is a quarantee that the clip-ons have been manufactured to stringent quality levels to ensure that

  • there is no distortion when you look through any part of the lenses, so you can see clearly, safely, and comfortably even when wearing them for extended periods
  • the polarising filter of the lens is 100% effective to maximise your protection from reflected and...

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Clip-on sunglasses, Overglasses, or sunglasses with AirShield - which would be best for me?

7eye AirShield sunglasses best sunglasses for glare protection clip on sunglasses fit over prescription glasses fitovers non polarised clip on sunglasses overglasses polarised clip on sunglasses

Eyewear Accessories has a range of sunglasses that are suitable for individual requirements for glare protection throughout the year. Here we compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of product.

Clip on sunglasses

Clip on sunglasses are tinted lenses joined by a nose bridge, that in some cases is spring-loaded. They attach onto your spectacles with either four lens edge clips or a central mount.

flip up sunglasses


  • Inexpensive way to turn your prescription glasses into sunglasses
  • Discreet clips ensure they look much like prescription sunglasses
  • Quick and easy to attach and remove
  • Very...

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My Ziena glasses are the only thing that makes using a computer viable

Computer glasses computer glasses for dry eye sufferers glasses for dry eyes Ziena glasses Ziena Kai

Hello, I'm one of the directors of Eyewear Accessories. I'm also a dry eye sufferer and I spend most of my working day in front of a computer screen.

Me wearing my Kai glasses

Three days ago, I left my Ziena Kai dry eye glasses in a pub where we had stopped for a coffee. As a result, a I have been wearing an ordinary pair of specs when sitting in front of my PC screen.

My dry eye symptoms were noticeably worse without the Ziena glasses

Unfortunately by not wearing my Ziena glasses my eyes got really...

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