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Windproof goggles and glasses for e-bike users

best glasses for e biking e-bike glasses stop eyes watering when cycling stop eyes watering when I am on my e-bike Windproof goggles for e-biking winter cycling goggles

Nearly 40% of e-bike riders in the UK are aged 61 or over. Significantly this coincides exactly with the age group most likely to suffer from watery eyes when outdoors in the wind.

Windproof goggles for e-biking

At Eyewear Accessories, we talk regularly to e-bike users who experience watery eyes while outdoors, particularly in Autumn and Winter.

What e-bikers are telling us

There is a consistent theme in what e-bikers are telling us:

  • watery eyes affect them particularly while cycling due to the headwind
  • their eyes are not just watery but sore
  • watery eyes get worse the colder and...

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Help us make your order as free from single-use plastics as possible

If you have ordered items from Eyewear Accessories recently you may have noticed that we have been trialling packaging materials that are:

  • manufactured from sustainably grown sources
  • plastics-free
  • re-usable
  • recyclable
our packaging is free from single use plastics, fully recyclable and resuable

We have carefully selected the paper we use, the mailing envelopes, mailing boxes, void fill materials, and sticky tape from environmentally responsible suppliers that do not use single-use plastics in their manufacture.

Instead, our packaging materials are cardboard and paper based, sourced from sustainably grown forests.

Help us to go single-use plastics free

We are...

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Don't let watering eyes stop you enjoying walks when it's cold and windy!

glasses to stop eyes watering in cold weather how to stop eyes watering insulated sunglasses to stop eyes watering stop eyes watering stop eyes watering in cold weather stop eyes watering in cold wind stop eyes watering outdoors stop eyes watering outside stop eyes watering when cycling stop eyes watering when i go outside stop eyes watering when outdoors

Many people suffer with their eyes watering excessively when the wind blows. It is triggered in the Autumn when the wind starts cooling down.

Rather confusingly, this is a common symptom of dry eye syndrome.

eyes watering

If you experience this condition and it is affecting your enjoyment of being outdoors, whether for walking, cycling, sailing, golf or tennis, our glasses and sunglasses with protective gaskets can, in most cases, stop or significantly lessen the problem of excessive tearing.

Wearing my Ziena glasses has enabled me to...

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Our best selling sleep goggles for dry eye sufferers are back in stock!

Eyeseals 4.0 eyeseals 4.0 hydrating sleep mask for nighttime dry eye relief Eyeseals 4.0 uk Eyeseals UK Eyeseals with black lenses Eyeseals with clear lenses

Eyeseals 4.0 goggles are designed to keep your eyes moisturised while you rest and to fit comfortably for all night wear.

These goggles have been in such demand that they sold out. Eyewear Accessories is pleased to announced that they are back in stock today with a choice of clear or black lenses.

Eyeseals 4.0 sleep goggles

Read more about the benefits of Eyeseals and order one

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Want to buy a product but it's not in stock? Pre-order one now so you don't miss out

Eyewear Accessories pre order pre order 7eye glasses pre order clip on sunglasses pre order flip up sunglasses pre order Ziena glasses pre orders pre-order from Eyewear Accessories preorders

If there's a product that you want to order but it's out of stock, you can now request to pre-order one.

Benefits of pre-ordering

Many people are watching our website to see when a particular item is available and as a result our products tend to sell out very fast.

By pre-ordering the product you want, you:

  • don't miss out when it's put up for sale on our website
  • ensure priority for despatch as soon as our new stock delivery arrives.

Which products can I pre-order?

We are getting new stock deliveries of the following items in the next 2 weeks:


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