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Suffering itchy, streaming eyes due to high birch pollen levels?

birch pollen itchy eyes hay fever glasses uk polllen blocking glasses

The dry, warm and sunny weather is leading to high birch pollen levels. Indeed, experts are predicting the worst spring season for allergies since records began in 1951.

birch tree pollen exceptionally high

If you are suffering from itchy, sore, watery eyes, the NHS recommends you to wear wraparound sunglasses. However, ordinary wraparound eyewear still allows pollen to penetrate around the rims, particularly on windy days.

Effective pollen blocking requires sunglasses with a gasket

To block pollen from entering your eyes and getting trapped around your eye sockets, you need special wraparound sunglasses with a gasket fitted around the rims. This...

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Silicone ear grips - a must have accessory?

ear grip hooks for glasses ear grips for glasses silicone ear grips silicone temple tips silicone temple tips UK

Silicone ear grips, or temple tips as they are often called, are a handy, inexpensive accessory that we recommend to anyone:

  • who is thinking of trying moisture chamber glasses, hay fever glasses, or windproof sunglasses for the first time
  • who has worn a pair of these glasses for a while but wants to improve their effectiveness

ear grips for glasses

Achieve fine control over the closeness of fit

Our experience is that they give you fine control over the closeness of fit of Ziena, 7eye AirShield, or Body Specs protective glasses.

Simply slide the ear hooks onto the...

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FREE TRACKED RETURNS on all 7eye, Ziena, and Body Specs glasses

dry eye glasses free returns eyewear accessories free returns hay fever glasses free returns

Eyewear Accessories have just made your decision whether to purchase our protective glasses a whole lot easier.

From 26 March to 30 April inclusive we are offering free Royal Mail tracked returns on all UK orders for 7eye, Ziena, and Body Specs glasses.

This offer applies to returns only, not exchanges. It excludes accessories such as spare eye cups.

moisture chamber glasses

Order now with greater confidence

If you've been researching our eyewear online but you've been hesitating whether or not to buy, now is the time to go ahead with confidence.

For the next month, you can order the above...

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Why our polarised clip on sunglasses are the best for cutting out glare

best clip on sunglasses for driving clip on sunglasses polarised clip on sunglasses quality polarised clip on sunglasses

Polarised clip on sunglasses from Eyewear Accessories are a really effective way to cut down glare.

Our quality polarised clip on sunglasses meet or exceed all international standards of optical clarity, durability, and safety. Our lenses are designed to ensure that the polarised horizontal axis is never compromised for maximum visual comfort.

polarised lens

Not all polarised lenses are the same

What many people don't realise is that when a product is advertised as having polarised lenses, it may not cut glare particularly well if it is low cost product.

When looking for polarised clip on sunglasses, you should therefore avoid products...

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Stuck at home? Here's how to make your screen time more comfortable

computer glasses dry eyes dry eyes computer glasses moisture chamber glasses PC ziena computer glasses

Now that many of us are having to stay at home due to social isolation, it's hardly surprising that we are spending much longer in front of our PCs, laptops, tablets, mobiles and TVs. Partly to keep in touch, partly as something to do, partly for company.

Rise in screen time takes its toll on our eyes

But this rise in daily "screen time" takes its toll on our eye health. Because our eyes get fixated by the screen, our blink rate drops significantly, leading to increased evaporation of tears, and subsequently to dry eye disease. 

person gazing fixedly...</p>

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