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Which are the best lenses for autumn and winter cycling?

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As winter approaches and the light levels become variable, it's important to to have cycling glasses of the right lens colour that will give you the best possible vision.

These recommendations are based on the range of lenses available in the 7eye brand. This brand includes the AirShield range of glasses with removable gaskets that are so popular for winter cycling because of their enhanced wind protection.

1st choice: 24:7 Contrast

  • These light-reactive lenses adjust automatically to the light levels to give you the best possible versatility for use in different conditions.
  • contrast lenses
  • On dull days or when light levels are low early or late in the day, the lens colour is a pale yellowy-brown. In these conditions, the light transmission through the lens is 80%.

  • This tint is designed to filter out blue light to enhance contrast and definition so your vision will be sharper in these challenging conditions.

  • On sunny days, the lenses become progressively darker brown to cut the glare, and at its maximum tint it reduces light transmission to 18%.

    2nd choice: Clear

    For cycling in the greyest of days of the winter, or cycling early in the morning and late at night, another good choice is a completely Clear lens, giving 100% light transmission.

  • These lenses don't reduce glare if the sun comes out, but they do provide 100% UV protection.

  • 3rd choice: Copper

  • 7eye's Copper lens is a popular choice for cycling on grey and hazy days. Like the Contrast lens, it cuts out blue light, increasing contrast and definition.

  • SharpView copper lens

  • This lens is a fixed tint, giving light transmission of 15%. This is one of 7eye's lighter tints, but it is still too dark for cycling in low light.


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