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Which are our best selling wraparound glasses for keeping out the wind?

These goggles provide good protection from the wind, while at the same time they are best in class for peripheral vision, making them a popular choice for cycling, motorcycling, and skiing.

1. 7eye Panhead

These glasses combine the benefits of 7eye's thick protective AirShield gasket with a frame design that brings good peripheral vision and a good choice of lenses, including light reactive, polarised, and clear.

7eye Panhead 

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2. 7eye Cape

The shape of the Cape is designed to fit closely around the natural contours of the face around the eye sockets to provide a good level of protection for most people. A good feature of the Cape is the length-adjustable ear rests that enable you to customise the tightness of fit.

The Cape is available in a choice of frame colours. Available lenses include light reactive, polarised, and clear, or it can be fitted with prescription lenses, if you require these.

7eye Cape with AirShield

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3. Body Specs BSG 

The BSG combines an streamlined goggle-shape like the Cape with a more slimline gasket that improves peripheral vision. Another advantage, apart from the competitive price, is that it comes with tinted and clear interchangeable lenses, making it a good choice for all seasons.

Body Specs BSG

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4. Body Specs Z-001

This model has many of the attractions of the BSG, with a thinner gasket than the 7eye series that means the peripheral vision is improved.

Like the BSG it comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses, for bright sunshine, hazy conditions, and low light. The lens shape on the Z-001 is rectangular and it tends to fit medium to large heads best.

The Z-001 is available in either a matte black or tortoiseshell frame.


Find out more about the Body Specs Z-001


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