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Is your child suffering from itchy, watering and red eyes due to pollen or other airborne allergens?

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Here at Eyewear Accessories, we receive a constant stream of emails from Mum's and Dad's who are in despair because their child is suffering badly from hay fever symptoms. This can be acute as early as March when the tree pollen is blowing about.

One of the most irritating symptoms of hay fever is itchy, watering and red eyes (allergic conjunctivitis). If your child has an underlying eye condition such as dry eye syndrome, their eyes can get particularly sore.

itchy eyes due to hay fever

The good news is that there is a very easy way to reduce or even eliminate the distress of itchy eyes due to pollen.

At Eyewear Accessories, we have a wide range of wraparound glasses with gaskets that block the pollen from entering the wearer's eyes. These glasses have a strong track record in alleviating symptoms of hay fever and dry eyes.

close up photo of protective gasket on 7eye Viento sunglasses that blocks pollen and stops it entering your eyes

Our range of glasses includes sizes suitable for kids aged 5 and upwards. We also have glasses designed for teenagers and adults with small faces.

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