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My windproof cycle glasses allow me to enjoy the Exe Trail in all weather

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What a great place Exeter is to live!

And what better way to spend a day than going for an envigorating ride along the Exe Trail?

Cycling along the Exe Trail

Anyone who knows the Exe trail will appreciate that it is exposed to the full force of the prevailing winds which often funnel up the estuary. This means that your eyes are blasted by the wind and, especially in the winter months, you can find that they are watering constantly. 

There's a simple answer to this. Get a pair of 7eye glasses with AirShield wind protection. They keep out the wind far better than normal cycling glasses.

7eye Viento


I wear my AirShield glasses everytime that I am out on the bike, and it has transformed my experience of winter cycling so that I now enjoy a bike ride throughout the year, whatever the weather.

windproof cycle glasses

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