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7eye vs Body Specs - we compare the strengths of two leading brands of windproof glasses

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If you are looking for windproof glasses or goggles, you will see that we sell 7eye AirShield and Body Specs brands.

Here we assess the relative strengths of each brand to help you make an informed decision as to which will be best for your needs.

How do the two brands fare on key criteria?

Wind protection

Here the 7eye brand with its thick protective AirShield is the clear winner.

If you suffer badly from sore or watery eyes in winter time, or dry eyes in the summer, then we recommend that you go for the 7eye AirShield brand.

If you suffer mild dry eye symptoms, then Body Specs may be a good choice for you.


The majority of customers find the 7eye glasses to be more comfortable than the Body Specs glasses. On the 7eye products, you can alter the arms for optimum fit. This is not possible on the Body Specs glasses.

However, on two of our Body Specs products (BSG and BSG-2 goggles) you can wear them either with temple bars or an adjustable goggle strap.

Peripheral vision

Here the BSG glasses are generally better than the 7eye AirShield ones, because the gasket is slimmer and does not intrude into your peripheral vision. If you are a cyclist, then this may be the better choice.

Lens fogging

The 7eye glasses have a more sophisticated system of trickle air vents that gives them the edge in minimising lens fogging. Both 7eye and Body Specs have anti-fog coated lenses. Body Specs have ribbed gaskets that are designed to allow a trickle airflow across the lens surface to reduce lens fogging.


Overall the BSG glasses show greater versatility because they come with interchangeable tinted and clear lenses. However, none of the lenses are polarised.

7eye AirShield glasses do not have interchangeable lenses. However we sell them with light-reactive lenses which enables you to wear them in varying light conditions without having to change the lenses.

We sell the 7eye AirShield glasses with polarised grey or brown lenses. On the BSG glasses we sell, the lenses are non polarised.

Quality and durability

7eye has the edge on Body Specs when it comes to the design finish of the frames.

However, both the 7eye and BSG glasses have proved to be durable. The frames on both products are made from TR-90, a strong, light and bendy nylon material. On both products the lenses are polycarbonate and similar in quality.

Both brands provide a one-year manufacturer's warranty on frames, but do not cover scratches on lenses as these are regarded as normal wear and tear.


7eye AirShield is the premier brand for windproof glasses, so the prices are higher in comparison with Body Specs.

At £54.99 including VAT, the Body Specs BSG represents excellent value. The 7eye AirShield collection ranges from from £84.99 to £115.99 including VAT.

7eye Cape and Body Specs BSG compared

The Cape and the BSG goggles are similar in appearance and size (medium fitting).

7eye Cape

7eye Cape glasses for c

Body Specs BSG

BSG goggles

7eye Panhead and Body Specs Z-001 compared

The 7eye Panhead and Body Specs Z-001 are similar in size and fit (medium to large fitting).

7eye Panhead

 7eye Panhead

Body Specs Z-001

Body Specs Z-001

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